Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Turned 22 on 22!

It was my B'day two days back.I so wanted to publish this post on 22nd but somehow couldn't make it.So,I guess Xmas eve was meant to be 'the' day.This B'day was somehow special for two reasons.I came into this world on a freezing
cold evening of Monday,22nd December,1986.This birthday also happened to fall on Monday.Moreover,i have completed twenty-two years of my life and the digits sum up to four.The date 22nd also sums up to four.Hence,in a way this birthday was unique in itself.

Unlike this year,It was exceptionally chilly on the day i was born.On top of it,terrorism was at its peak in Bathinda those days.My nani often talks about her experience of that train journey.In those days there was only one train to Bathinda in a day and that too late at night.

On that fateful day,when train was nearing Punjab,it was stopped in the middle of nowhere and all kinds of rumors about train being hijacked started flying around.After around half an hour the train finally started and snaked its way into Bathinda.

The agony of those few hours instantly vanished at the moment she held me in her hands.Being the first child, i was the pomegranate of everyone's eyes.
I'd say pomegranate because i was absolutely crazy about those crystal red beads.I think i was amazingly cute and my parents were quite proud of the 'final product'.
By the way every child is cute but I'll be partial towards me.I was pampered like every other child and i really wish i could turn the wheels of time and relive those years again.

As they say every dog has his day,birthday was my day.Right from distant relatives to long lost fellow classmates,many called up.People with whom i never really interacted much,in college too surprisingly called up.But here's goes the irony,two of my gang members still have no clue about my birthday.They were the ones with whom i celebrated all my birthdays in college.Weird!

I shouldn't hold any grudges but their hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.Don't know why but,they forget my birthday only.Things changed a lot after a tiff in final
year,though we patched up but i knew from inside that its never gonna be the same again.I'm reminded of words from Careless Whispers
...though its easy to pretend, I know you are not a fool...i'm never gonna dance again the way i danced with you...
.What a lovely song,its one of my favorites.A wise man has said 'Life is too short to hold grudges' so i don't really give a damn.
In the next call,they'll make excuses and with their wise tactics impress me again.

This birthday was a subdued one.For a change,i personally attended all the calls on the landline phone unlike previous years.I had planned to visit my birthplace this year,damn these exams.Few friends complained about my cell being switched off at night but old habits die hard and like every other night i switched it off.A friend called up on landline phone at night and i really appreciate her impromptu gesture.There are some people with whom you feel a connection.You need not say anything, its anytime understood.She is one of those.

This little piece of cake is for my blog,which is now an indispensable part of my life