Monday, September 5, 2011


Rusty snuggled up against my legs, indulging in the warmth. I caressed his lustrous coat, affection glittered in his jet black eyes “You so enjoy that Rusty don’t you? Naughty doggie, now move away and have your meal”. He whimpered “Rusty I want to reminisce, please!” his eyes had those pleading looks “So very smart of you! OK you are my best friend, if you want to be here then sit quietly!” He quickly curled up near the chair and looked at me with raised eyebrows. I cleared my throat, adjusted my spectacles, closed my eyes and focused on the gentle back and forth motion of rocking chair. “What a journey!” I marvel and smile. I opened my eyes and pulled a bronze shaded hardback photo album. The album’s title read ‘Golden Era-Bronze conceals Gold'; this intriguing title had captivated me many moons ago and I bought it right away from an antique shop .

My wrinkled fingers browsed the ‘Golden Era’ embossing. I wasn’t very much into preserving pictures for memories sake in those days. For me, memories were meant to reside in hearts rather than being frozen on paper prints. A picture in print was an indication of ‘end of physical proximity’; despite of harboring those beliefs I don't know why I purchased that album.

Sigh…I have had a fairly satisfactory journey so far. I have a superb family, met remarkable people and had endearing friends. Granddaughter, my little princess visits me every weekend. She keeps me going in the twilight of my life. In an old age home, it gets monotonous at times for there are same old wrinkled faces all around. Young blood is inimitable. That reminds me of my University days. How we girls spent hours in ‘Bird Watching’:P Nowadays, it's the buoyancy of my spirited buddies that keeps me going at this place, i glanced at Rusty. Rusty was four months old when i saw him for the first time at my friend's place. His innocent eyes had entranced me. She was looking for an owner and i being a gracious soul adopted him. And my of course, my Princess, I am reliving my childhood days with her and she says she aspires to be like me. I coax her to be herself and carve her own niche identity.

Teleportation is the best scientific innovation so far. It is so magical! I mean all you have to do is imagine and Huf-Puf! You land at that place! Star War style. The other day I had those shopping cravings so guess what! I landed in streets of Paris and bought an elegant Hat and a pearl necklace :P And Hey! Its Mercy’s birthday today, let me ‘Face time’ with her. Switched off! Sigh! She was a ‘good friend’ once upon time. Though, she still is but our definitions of ‘Good Friend’ got unsynchronized as time passed by. The equations got somewhat imbalanced and things were never the same again. And with others as well the gaps grew. We all try and meet once near the lake on last Saturday of each month, some make it, some don’t. I somehow knew all along that a phase would come when intimacy would gradually fade and yet deep inside I was worried. It finally happened and we all are living with it. I am still fond of my gang, they've made me the person that I am today and we all have a hearty laugh reminiscing old times.

Rusty is getting irritated “Sit down boy; I am not so young you see!” I guess I’ll have to take him out for fresh air, he's not at all patient.I glanced at the bronze book ‘Next time Darling’ and the album went back to the shelf. I wore my ‘not so new, not so old’ hat, walking shoes and grabed the umbrella. Rusty and I face the mirror "Man! i still have that charm :P" Wink! Wink! I close my eyes and Huf-Puf!