Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Delirious perspectives

As they say 'An empty mind is a devil's workshop' and I'm no different.I jotted down few random and bizarre opinions of mine.

My take on profanities

Sonofabitch, Motherfucking, our very own B.C. , Ch. ,#@%^…Etc.( my vocabulary is limited :(, I never think beyond ‘kutte’and ‘ghaade’)What’s the similarity in all these swear words? All of them target females related to the recipient.Lately I have observed that these words are being used more as punctuation marks rather than as profanities. The male ego or psyche gets a boost when these words are used, moreover, when one is in the company of peers. I think,a sense of pride and achievement is felt.However, when one is actually cursing somebody I fail to understand that how in the world can you say ‘have sex with your mother or sister or whatever’ for a mistake of his. I don’t know whether people actually realize what they are saying while using these words. But, logically,how come ‘go fuck your mother or sister’ comes into the picture? The other day an autowallah said ‘Madam aapne Ch. banadiya mere ko’. I don’t know what it means but it is definitely something vulgar. I shot back ‘Maine kuch nahin banaya’ and I thought ‘aapko banaane ki zaroorat nahin ha,aap ho hi’.
Who so ever invented these kinds of words must be so happy in his grave considering the immense popularity of his creations now days. Moreover, we get an idea about men’s mental framework. They never thought of women beyond ‘baby vending machines’ or ‘sex objects’. But, now times have changed. Women have broken the glass ceiling, they are in the forefront every where at least in urban areas. So, I was thinking why not turn the wheels in the reverse direction. Let’s have curses like ‘Sonofadog’, fatherfucking, brotherfucking etc. The intended receiver could be a female or a male(gay relationships are not looked down upon nowadays). Usage of these words shall buoy up the feminine psyche and men will probably realize what those words actually imply rather than using them unconsciously.
Another thing that irks me is the male hypocrisy. Any ‘chivalrous gentleman’ won’t buzz these words in the company of women. However, five drinks later, all that chivalry just vanishes in the air. Moreover, when we see a girl using this kind of language, the society tends to label her as ‘immoral’, ‘slut’, ‘a whore’ etc. In St. Joseph's,I remember being repeatedly told that ‘Good girls never use such language’. When a guy uses these words he is considered to be ‘kewl’ or ‘has grown up’.What happened to the freedom of expression for us?

My take on naturism

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For the past few months newspapers have been screaming SALE and trying to lure mortals to burn their hard earned money. It’s not that I regret splurging on clothes. ‘Clothes maketh the man’ , they do enhance our exteriors. My devil mind came up with a bizarre thought. What if we didn’t wear any clothes? No more mindless spending and bothering about how am I looking in this? Great na!

What if somebody had never bothered to invent textiles and fabrics? Life would have been much simpler. We would be roaming around either naked or with leaves and bushes covering only what needs to be covered. I think the first choice is better. There would be no global warming owing to transportation of fabrics and processing of synthetics. No more shearing sheep for wool and extracting silk out of silk worm cocoons. There won’t be any Armani’s, Versace’s and other unrealistically costing designer stuff.

On a serious note, there won’t be any biases or discrimination on the way one is dressed. Everybody would be at par in the society. Moreover, we’ll love and respect our bodies just as they are, like naturists. There are several beaches in the world where people can roam around only in their body suit. Every atom of our body would be in contact with the air and we would feel closer to nature. Just look around, everything in our surroundings is bare and in its natural form. Why are then, we human beings trying to cover up? Now I understand why some ‘holy men’ roam around naked in places like Varanasi and Benares. I always considered it disgusting and thought that they were trying to garner attention. They give a damn about what others think. Why do Pagans pray in nude? This is how it should have been in our society. I think clothes are a man made barrier which prevents our communion with nature. We no longer respect and appreciate the natural beauty.

Well, i guess somethings were meant to be as they are and nobody can change the way things are now.Will have to live with these norms.
Now i realize what crap have i written,anyhow ' Thodi bahut pagalpaanti bhi zaroori ha'