Sunday, March 21, 2010


“There’s something strange about today! “ I wondered. I saw a pair of house sparrows flying past a tree. They are getting extinct day by day and I could not recollect their last sight. A purplish twilight tinge was splashed across the sky in late morning, a bizarre sight. I saw a bright green pair of eyes staring at us. I was startled for a moment. A soft meow appeased my nerves. I gave him a fleeting look from the corner of my eyes. Like me, he too was savoring the nectar bliss of environs. We are so alike I observed, perhaps these similarities triggered those tender feelings and now these very similarities are eating into our alliance I marveled. “A lot has changed in the past one month, you realize that Meghna?” he said. “I do”. An awkward pause ensued. “Ok! Let me get things straight. My affection has divided, I want you to meet her once and see for yourself.Game for it?” He asked fervently. I was expecting those words but I couldn’t contain my shock. I went all blank. “OK, be easy” he exclaimed.

He took out two stones from his pocket and started rubbing them together. I saw the shadow of a horse with wings on soil and the next instant a blue colored Pegasus was landing before us, his white wings flapping in monsoon breeze. “Let’s go for a ride, come”. He took my hand and led me to his vehicle. Pegasus soared high in the sky. I felt my heart thumping and blood racing through the veins. His hands curled up my waist so as to placate me. Wind playing with my curled locks and that whizzing sound enthralled me.

“WOW! Man I love this”. “Let’s go higher up there; I want to touch that cloud”. The Pegasus ascended and it was all foggy around. “Am I dreaming? This is ethereal”. A relaxing feeling was overcoming my being. I felt dizzy and then it all went black.

Water droplets jolted me out of trance. I opened my eyes in a cozy cottage. “You fine dear? Sip this you’ll feel better”. I snatched the tumbler from his hands and smashed it on floor. “Why am I here? Get to the point”. “Look!” He extended a leaf wrapped baby into my lap. “I am cursed with Prestunia. Look at her, she’s such an angel. I call her Alice and she’s a garden fairy.” He was choked. I was speechless. “I have to raise her and am cursed to be a loner, I love you but I can’t escape the curse, hope you know what I mean. I don’t really believe in rebirth , but if I were to be born again then I would want to have a soul mate like you if not you exactly”. “Mister! Done with your high on emotions scene? I dump you and Please! I don’t want a partner like you in my next life”. I got up, glanced at the leaf wrapped baby, walked up to the window and flew out with the baby.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Walk

I slung my bag on shoulder and held his hand with renewed warmth. Together we stepped out into a new morning, a morning that shall perhaps open a new chapter in our relationship. Damp sand was imprinted with millions of tiny rain droplets. That invigorating wet earth fragrance evoked tender emotions. Pearl like rain drops on freshly washed green leaves were shimmering in the morning sun. “What a rejuvenating morning after a dull night!” I exclaimed. He smiled his charming smile. The magic was coming alive yet again. Last night was the blackest of all. Our love had died a thousand deaths. His silence pierced a thousand holes in my heart. I was drained by his apathy and had given up on our further association. “This is it, I am walking out tomorrow” I had resolved. Walking out on those 2 years of our association was not an easy decision. I am not the kind of person who once hitched lets go easily. The force of attraction was following the curve of exponential decay. We were no longer fond of each other. Doubts, confusion and monotony had eclipsed our affections. I was cursing myself for having agreed to join him on this trip and give our relationship one last final chance. But this morning was like a crazy dream come true. Probably a garden pixie had whispered goodie goodie things in his ear. I was stunned to see bright shades in his persona. “Come on lazy bum! Let’s go for a walk and iron out all the creases” He exclaimed.

Jet black road bathed by rains last night greeted us. I sensed a strange newness in my surroundings. Was it due to downpour? Or was it my intuition that was whispering “Change will knock your doors soon!”

To be continued...

This kid with bright innocent eyes swept me off my feet.

Different hues of spring

Monday, March 1, 2010

Colors of silence

The gloss of spring born leaves caught my sight today afternoon. A gentle breeze swayed past those new adornments and produced a soft and melodious sound. A sparrow chirped and added to the notes. The giant blue sky and fluffy cottony clouds completed the scenery. I savored the beauty and tranquility of my surroundings. It was enchanting and intoxicating. Yes, I was getting high. Time just stopped by and I wanted the moment to freeze. An unusual serenity overwhelmed me. Wow! I loved that feeling. It’s not every day that you sit up and take notice of your daily environs. It is there before you, calling you out silently and you choose to look away rather than delving in the magnificence of nature.

Bright and colorful flowers smiled at me. I touched the petals and sensed the smooth and velvety texture. They evoked a spirited feeling and yet they were silent. Their silence spoke volumes of our apathy. I pondered; we humans are so dependent on words. We use words to express our sentiments. These flowers need no words to gauge our temper. They savor our coldness and doldrums without any complaints and demands. No matter what, you’ll always find them jolly.

Black grapes, one of my favorite fruits are a lifelong buddy. Those juicy black pearls rejuvenate my taste buds. It is so magical. Without any squeals they silently crush beneath my teeth and ooze out their nectar. WOW!

We rarely notice the resources at our disposal and acknowledge their presence and importance. They are our silent heroes. I recently paid a visit to the neighborhood cobbler. I was taken aback by his humble persona. Actually I was elated; such kinds of people do exist even today. In the past few days I have come across a number of down to earth souls. People like these, reinforce the fact that bright shades do exist and shine in this largely gray world.

Today is Holi, the festival of colors. Of late I have observed that in a mixed group of boys and girls, boys enjoy splashing colors on a particular girl of their liking :P It has happened with me as well. It's like they get a license to flirt with the object of their affection on holi. This festival does bring people closer :P
A line is playing in my mind, I’ll close this post with that.

Kitni akele thi who rahen…jin par hum chalte rahe