Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shopping dilemmas

Dear blog,

It’s been a long gap and why? I had no stuff to ponder upon apart from all my negativities. Great! I guess for now I am away from all that. I just don’t want to give importance to self doubts; they can wait for the time being. Let us get going with the good stuff! Wohoo!

It’s been raining incessantly since morning and the sound of rain drops splattering on the roof is music to ears. Very often, this sound gets drowned in daily melancholy and we miss out on it. We are so tangled up with our non-sense chain of thoughts that we are unable to savor nature’s nectars. Freshly polished leaves glisten in the sun’s light. The mischievous mind starts racing again. Here, there and everywhere. I think our thoughts can easily surpass the speed of light, be it in air or vacuum. What an efficient factory our mind is! There are visions, impulsive cravings, positive, stable and negative notions. Cravings and visions inspire our actions. Actions in turn trigger reactions. Reactions fuel more thoughts and so on. I don’t really want to delve into philosophical realms as of now though this weather is conducive for such philosophical deliberations. May be I am beginning to take this ‘dadi ma’ term a bit seriously.

Let’s talk young: P Yesterday evening I went shopping with a dear friend. I must say, an evening well spent. I remember few harried faces of husbands and boyfriends who had tagged along with their partners. The expressions on their faces hahaha…my God! “Yes this is good, take it and let us go” said he and the discontented female goes like “No! This is too simple, tell me na…how about this?” .I marveled at both of them. The man, who was blindly giving opinions without even caring to look at the object in question and the ever confused female who couldn’t make up her mind and was asking for approval from a disinterested companion. Who’s to be blamed? I would say both. We girls are as always Confused! Most of us are not comfortable with our bodies. Either we are too short, too thin, too fair(Yes!), too dark or too tall and how can I forget too fat! On top of it, not many of us can visualize the outfit on our bodies. It takes a trial to accept or reject an outfit; of course trials are important so as to check the fit but we have a tendency to carry tons of them for trial. Sigh! It gets too tedious for the male companion waiting outside and then again he nods half heartedly “Looks fine” and she goes like “Naa! I don’t like it, let me show you the other one and please get me a smaller size for this one in the mean time”. I so pitied that guy. He was carrying a baby in his arms, poor thing! How boring it must have been for the baby as well. There was another interesting scenario, a lady was choosing lingerie and was taking opinions from her man. He looked a bit embarrassed and was like “Good, let’s go”. I mean come on, she is the one who’s going to wear it and she has to take a call on fit and comfort. How in the world would he know?

Now, let me take a look from the other side of the fence. We girls proudly acknowledge the fact that we can’t make up our mind easily when it comes choosing for self. So, that’s why we tag along our partners or friends so that they help while short listing garments. Generally, we avoid girl friends because they never ever give true opinions. They get jealous easily and we are apprehensive of their choices (“She wears such nice outfits but while shopping she picks up third class items for me, why is she so jealous of my figure! Bitch!”). So, we prefer male company. They are straight forward and we are always the “most beautiful woman in the world “for them. They flaunt us to the world. So, we deserve a nod of approval from them don’t we? We painstakingly shortlist sexy, bright and elegant outfits and all that we ask for is their nod for the best amongst those. The one that would flatter our figure, conceal that puppy fat and makes us feel like “the most beautiful woman in the world”. While short listing we get confused. The color of one is nice, the style of other is nice and cut of the other is flattering and so on. So one by one we try on the garments and look at you for your suggestions. You nonchalantly say “Yes, baby you look gorgeous in this” to all. “How in the world can you say that? Are you color blind or what? Can’t you make out that I look fat in this?”There in lies the problem. You guys ought to be frank and be man enough to say “This makes you look fat!” Rather than nodding blindly to all.
Amazing! Both the parties are right in their own way, can’t blame either of them.

All I will say is, Guys be patient and be frank! Girls, don’t let the variety get to your head, pick wisely(Again, can’t help the Dadi trait :P). I hope my friend is not going to kill me for this. Though, I’d like to believe that I was patient and frank with my opinions. I too belong to the fairer sex and have my own share of confusions and nakhras:P(See, I am so honest). I think I would make a perfect style consultant. That would be like the best job in the world :D

PS- This was a nice hatke post! Blog I hope you love this one :)