Monday, March 31, 2014

Be That One…

Be that one candle, which illuminates the darkest chambers of hearts
Be that one dewdrop, which reinvigorates parched grass blades
Be that one star, which adds sparkle to the moonless sky
Be that one vote, which would decide the future government and does not bow before money or other favors
Be that one voice, which refuses to give in to corruption
Be that one government employee, who pastes a label reading ‘I don’t accept bribes’ on his desk
Be that voice, which dissents female feticide, molestation, harassment and violence against women
Be that one messiah, who empowers individuals rather than giving alms
Be that one volunteer, who works for change instead of complaining
Be that one teacher, who guides and transforms lives of forlorn individuals
Be that one ear, which is patiently willing to listen to troubles
Be that one mouth, which speaks to assure that everything would just turn out fine
Be that one supporting pillar, who actually refers your resume instead of making fake promises
Be that one employer, who really cares rather than just being concerned with profits and targets
Be that one person, who strives to be better in his/her deeds, actions and intentions
Be that one blessed soul, which would make your creator smile the brightest of all smiles
                                                JUST BE :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Baby Doll ye Sone Di

Happy Happy Birthday to the naughtiest angel I have ever come across. Her name itself contains the word ‘princess’. She is a princess not just for her family, but also for several of us who have been blessed with her friendship. My time spent with her is equivalent to radiant, beautiful pearls, which I shall treasure forever in my heart. We learnt together (PS Trainings) and then went on to work in the same company project. Back then, none of us knew that this was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. With Rups, sailing across the storms of pesky politics and tantrums of colleagues and seniors was easier. We fought together; cried together, at times consoling one another while sobbing simultaneously; laughed together like maniacs; shopped together; bunked together; and hell even resigned together ;)

In this era of fakeness, I adore her genuine nature and simplicity. She never shies away from calling a spade a spade. Perhaps, this is why we are still friends. And Man! I love the way she speaks in Punjabi. Even my father is a big fan of her Punjabi diction. Though we are poles apart as individuals, our bond remains intact to this day (Touchwood). I have a tendency to remain unconnected and aloof and she, on the other hand, loves to talk, shop and go places. We too have had our share of ‘katti’ and ‘Don’t talk to me’. I guess I never tried any ‘manaaofying’, everything became normal on its own, as if nature wanted us to get talking again. Perhaps, we never let those moments scar or crack our relationship. 

Rups is overly sensitive and lots of people have leveraged this quality for their own ulterior motives. I have seen her hurt and bruised, yet she has always handled those situations resiliently and emerged stronger with each low phase. Inki khoobsurti ke charche toh durr durr tak hain…yahan tak ki America ni bach paya :P Woh adayein, shaitani bharri aankhein, ghustakiyaan…uff, inka kya hi kehna. Words are too trivial to convey her magnanimity :)  On this day, I wish tons of joys, happiness, love and abundance in your life. And iss heroine ko masst, gaint hero jald se jald mile.

Dher saara Love

Your Nalayk Chor Dost :)