Saturday, September 27, 2014

A happy to endearing Neeji :D

Neeji Neeji Neeji I know you are not very excited about your BirthDAY this time! I hope this short and humble post would make you smile your 1000watt vaala smile.

Your Birthday ought to be special coz if you weren't born then, we wouldn't have met!! That reminds me of our first ever meeting, the credit for which goes to PJ and AOL's silence program. We were not even friends then and you were already ensuring if I had had proper meals and was comfortable. It was so nice of you to drive us to the venue early morning, despite the heavy fog and you not being able to clearly view the road ahead :P In silence, you wanted to tell us...'I can't see clearly, please drive' and I used to wipe the windshield thinking this damn fog is the root cause of your concern...thank god we didn't end up in hospital :P My first impression of you was 'how will she do this course? she wouldn't be able to keep silence' but I was so wrong! Your determination and will power surprised all of you would put it 'Man she's a tough cookie' 

 I am at loss of words right now! There's so much about you, and words are not enough to express your charm and awesomeness quotient. For a person like me, it's difficult to make friends and keep the friendship going. But with you, everything just fell in place. We no longer see each other as frequently as we used to and am not very fond of chitchats on phone. Despite this, we share a good equation :) there's something magical between you, me and Shipra, is it the AOL effect? touch wood! I hope everything stays this way...even after we get married :P I know you will say 'I don't want to, mujhe ni karni' and enlightened Shipra would say 'Bol le beta..sab aise hi bolte hain, every girl says this' :P Then you'll go on 'am serious'.

Aren't you the most happiest person I have ever met..your effervescent smile always lifts up our spirits! Shipra's mom had aptly put it, you have that bright glint of naughtiness and innocence in your eyes, and that glow of are our modern day 'Krishna'. You are truly living the five sutras from AOL. Even if situations are not so pleasant, you always have that smile. And you never utter a word to anyone when you are upset, always wanting to deal with it alone.I still vividly remember that evening, when you were trying to drink your tears and I played dumb, pretending to overlook them because I knew you wanted to be alone. Your compassion as well as the spirit of service and sharing is inspiring for all of us.

Neeji, your creative streak always leaves me spell bound! Aren't you too humble for an awesome, out of the world, top designer! Your brand 'Maapaa' would make big waves one day, mark my words :) I hope your wish of three of us doing something big together becomes a reality :)


Thank you Neeji for giving us joyous days :) We really miss you here in MV...those evening walks for momos, ganna juice, golgappas, grocery shopping and gedis. And how can how I forget the way you convinced mum for my first ever night stay at a friend's place :P Our misadventure with baking a chocolate cake, how we were licking off the chocolate batter from vessel...your special butter vaali maggi and garlic bread toast. This reminds me, you are such a cleanliness mum loves you for that! And with your knack for photography and those cool pouts, our pictures have never looked better and more lively! The way you dress up and add that spark of innovation to mundane outfits speaks volumes about your creativity! Your attires mostly have that androgynous look with so much eye for small details..on the other hand, we also know how beautiful and graceful you look in Indian feminine outfits, specially in those saris draped by your friends ;) am sorry I had to write this here, and how I wish I had those pics too!

Gratitude and lots of love to you :) May this birthday bring in a new era of more happiness, smiles and joy in your life...may all your wishes become a reality soon, and may you keep rising and shinning! One day, we'll see your name all over and then I will say 'Look! she's my friend'.