Thursday, July 30, 2009

Am tagged again!

Doesn't that look like a unicorn in the sky with its head down? It proved lucky for me because that very night an astonishing thing happened.Read further.

O No! Not again. Third time in this month! Can't make out why people want me to open up those dusty cabinets in my intellect and bring forth abandoned artifacts (made any sense? forget it!).
Though I'll have to confess, I am feeling like a celebrity...glee. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I saw myself tagged by the Goddess of Bloggers Extranjera.Isn't that amazing!

Fifth post for this month! Looks like I’ll be breaking my own record.
On second thoughts I wonder who the hell cares and wants to know this much about me. But then I reckon, this time it's by Extranjera. Extranjera! This is just for you :)
By the way, me living in a barrel with the internet connection is an intriguing suggestion: P

Let’s get started.
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five mortals.

My five favorite words:

1.Alohomora -For the uninitiated, this is a spell used in Harry Potter series to open or unlock doors. Love the way it sounds. Whenever I see a locked door I have this tendency to recite the spell and seconds later the callous reality dawns upon me: I am a muggle:(
2.Shukriya - Meaning thank you, the word was born from Urdu. It kind of intensifies the feeling of gratitude and its usage makes me feel royal, can't say why!
3.enchanting - Can't explain my affinity for this word. It arouses a mystical feeling.
4.LOL - Obvious reasons! (though technically it's not a single word) While posting comments on Facebook and our very own Blogger or while chatting on Gtalk, the word is a life saver in jokey situations.
5.Leviosa - Its part of a spell in Harry Potter series 'Wingardium Leviosa'. The spell is used to levitate objects. The word sounds gracious and enigmatic.

My five favorite celebrity crushes:

1.Rahul Gandhi : His down to earth manner in public despite belonging to the grand “Gandhi “ family is admirable. I quite liked his approach to mingle with masses especially the night stays in villages. Moreover, his dimples and boyish charm make him the most illegible bachelor.
2.Richard Gere: Is there a need for me to give any explanations? The name says all.
3.Hrithik Roshan : The pin up guy of the Indian Film industry. Piercing eyes and that two day stubble make him more and more alluring.
4.Hillary Clinton: She exudes power and confidence. At the same time her coolness and oratory skills never cease to astonish me. Her elegant demeanor during the Clinton scandal won her my admiration.
5.J K Rowling: Out of box imagination of hers has billions of fans the world over.

My five favorite random things

1.My tattered blue color pajama –Can’t make up my mind to discard it.
2.My small notebook – I used to jot down my thoughts in it before I discovered the mesmerizing world of blogging.
3.Green color lycra top – A recent possession, fell in love with it at first sight
4.My blogs – They are a part of me, my heart and soul.
5.The TV remote – The pleasure of viewing idiot box is incomplete without having the power to flip channels during the climax scene.

My five favorite comic book characters-

1.Garfield – I so wish I had a life like him. Just lying on the couch with the TV remote and munching on the goodies with ‘to hell with everything’ attitude.
2.Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes – The kid always has a sound and logical explanation for his mischievous activities.
3.Charlie Brown from Peanuts
4.Our very own indigenous Chacha Chaudhary who claims that his brain computes faster than any computer in the world.
5.Dennis the menace

My five favorite literary characters

1.Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and prejudice
2.Jane from Jane Eyre
3.Swami from Malgudi days
4.Harry from HP series
5.Heathcliff from Wuthering heights

My five favorite silly desires

1.Spread out my wings and soar high up in the sky
2.Do a moon walk on the moon
3.Own a cozy cottage in the hills, sit in a rocking chair on the porch, watch kittens playing around and write a book using the old fashioned pen and paper or perhaps a typewriter.
4.Talk a walk in a European countryside vineyard and sample the wine there.
5.Learn chocolate making ,prepare a large quantity of sinfully melted chocolate and take a dip in that :P

Finally I’m done. This one required a hell lot of introspection. I’m glad I completed it, it’s nice to travel in the maze of one’s psyche once in a while. I added last three categories.

Now comes the tagging part.

1.Rohini at Train of Thought
2.Kasabiangirl at Life sure is a snoozefest!!
3.Daydream Lily at Daydream Lily
4.Melissa at So about what I said...
5.Steph at Chard Intimate

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sound and Silence

Here comes the rain, a welcome respite from the monotonous and humid weather. The way weather plays with our emotions never ceases to amaze me. Few minutes ago,I was in a complaining mode and was eating into a friend’s head. Later, I stepped out to experience the tiny droplets in my hands. I feel short of words to express that joy. All my mental blabbering flew away with the monsoon breeze and I am smiling again. The sound and silence of rain make me ponder. Why not take advantage of the moment! I logged into blogger and got the words flowing. Sound of breeze whistling past the leaves and the sound of collective droplets create an enchanting rhythm. Now, you must be wondering where silence comes into picture.I am talking about silence within. Whenever it rains, an unusual silent aura pervades my mind. It goes blank. A serene sensation fills me up and I delve into the glory of silent pleasure.

Sound and silence are poles apart and yet they merge smoothly. Sound could be silent and yet silence has a sound. I know, that’s a poor attempt at philosophy. The other day I had this random thought “What if we human beings weren’t blessed with the gift of speech, what if we barked, howled or hooted just like other animals!” I am sure this world would be a better place. In these summer vacations, I have had the pleasure to witness a number of large gatherings-say 7-8 people or more.I observed the pattern of their verbal communication.It is dependent on the age factor and the level of intimacy between the participants.Very often, the words being spoken were laced with sarcasm and jealousy, a desire to be brag over and over and a touch of apathy. The conversations of such kind are definitely high on entertainment quotient. If you look at it, just as an observer without any opinions and prejudices you will realize the futility in it. Hey I don’t intend to sound like a wise old lady or a philosopher neither do i mean to offend any one. I too indulge in such pointless and enjoyable chitchats and very often I say something which I lament later. I have seen that many people leave no opportunity to pass mocking comments though they don’t mean to upset the other party. I can’t reason why this happens but it ensues over and over again.A way could be to just listen without any judgments, opinions and reactions.But i reckon that it is not always possible.Being diplomatic and tactful is an art that requires expertise.

Therefore,I conceived of an evolved and mute human species. Of course, everything has its pros and cons. I believe in this case the pros outweigh the cons. I suppose we don’t need words to express our love and emotions. We can easily convey what we want through other means- sign language, writing mode and may be some other advanced methods. The advantage of these is-We won’t indulge in blathers. I recall reading a study which said that non verbal communication is much more powerful than the verbal mode. Our eyes, posture and hands are powerful tools that express more than we can imagine.

What do you think? Is the evolution of Homo sapiens into mute ones a way to a better realm?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have been tagged!

The kasabiangirl has tagged me.Though i must confess,being an introverted and private kind of person I am not very keen on answering such kind of stuff.However i will try to be honest with answers here.

The rules:
* Link the person who tagged you.
* Post these rules on your blog.
* Share your ABCs..
* Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
* Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
* Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!

The ABC of me...all that there is about me :p

A – Available/Single? Available

B – Best friend? To be frank, don't believe in that term any more. Have close friends rather than best friends.They are- Ruchika, Parul, Veenu, Shobit and Vikas...that's all

C – Cake or Pie? Cake

D – Drink of choice? Pineapple or apple juice.

E – Essential item you use every day? My specs

F – Favorite colour? It keeps on changing, these days it is Green

H – Hometown? Sadda Bathinda, Punjab

I – Indulgence? I spent an outrageous amount on a lip gloss 2 months back and haven't used it yet:P Don't know why i bought it.

J – January or February? January...exams get over.

K – Kids & their names? None yet.

L – Life is incomplete without? tough one...umm I'll say the occasional guilty indulgences.

M – Marriage date? December, 2015 :p

N – Number of siblings? One sister

O – Oranges or Apples? Apples...only the juicer ones please!

P – Phobias/Fears? Claustrophobia is the only one i can think of at the moment.

Q – Quote for today? "If A equals success, then the formula is:
A=X+Y+Z, where X is work, Y is play and Z is keep your mouth shit"
Albert Einstein

R – Reason to smile? The ever increasing number of followers to my blog :P

S – Season? Winters for cozying up in my blanky, and the chilly winds
brushing past my face and rednning the tip of my nose.

T – Tag 3 People? I tag thee, Parul,
Sobhit and Rohini...Have fun filling this one out

U – Unknown fact about me? At times i could be bratty, selfish and what not.The complete opposite of what i usually that you know about it,BEWARE

V – Vegetable you don't like? Many out there, will pick up Brinjal

W – Worst habit? Procrastination, at times i don't take things seriously at all.

X – X-rays you've had? Never...touchwood :)

Y – Your favorite food? I have a sweet tooth, so i am a dessert person

Z – Zodiac sign? Sagittarius and a cusp

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vanity v/s Guilt

My half opened eyes popped out with vigor as I shuffled through the pages of newspaper. No, it did not have to do with Obama 'ogling at the behind of a Brazilian lady' or 'The blackest day in the history of Delhi Metro'. Well, I am talking about monsoon SALE. Wow!That word evokes a sense of enthusiasm and an inclination to rush over to the store and grab the bargains.

At that very instant I envisioned a magical wooden wardrobe in my possession. The one which updates it self,with whatever apparel I imagine. Won't that be great! Just imagine it in your head and your object of fancy is there for you. Potter mania is getting to my head. I need to catch up with the latest flick else I'll go crazy for sure. All of a sudden, out of nowhere these words started playing in my head 'I used to complain about the shoes I wore, until I saw the boy with no feet'. I read these, in a heart wrenching TOI article last week and the words had left a lasting impression on me.Instantly,I was transported back to the reality. In a country like India, where half of the population is below the poverty line. How can I afford to have these materialistic thoughts? 'But then, its important to look good'. There goes Megha, that's my pet name and in a way my stubborn alter ego. In this age of first impression, you can't afford to be ill dressed. OK stop it! I left it there.

The next day, a friend invited me to accompany her on a shopping spree. I felt honored ,after all she chose to trust my style instincts. The shop she chose had updated its collection recently. We scanned the outfits with great eagerness. We zeroed on 3-4 apparels and then the friend went off to the trial room. In the mean while, I was looking around and a piece caught my fancy. It was like 'love at first sight' phenomenon. Without thinking i rushed of to the trial room. Man! The fit was superb, as if,it was just made for me. I stared gleefully at my reflection. I couldn't lay off my eyes. 'Buy it, you'll never regret' said Megha. I was like 'I don't need it for now, my wardrobe is already overstuffed. Bratty Megha exploded 'To hell with your shoe thing...Come on! You deserve to look good and then you'll feel good. Take pride in vanity!'. The practical part of me protested 'Feel good for 4-5 hours and then cope up with the pangs of guilt! No way! Don't you recollect the struggle of that lady in the article. What kind of vanity is this! Don't be so impulsive'.I changed over and kept back the outfit on a rack. The friend asked for my final opinion of her chosen outfits and then we went over to the billing counter. I turned back to take a last look at the 'devil in disguise'.'Oh! Come on, you are not a sister in a convent'. Megha took over. The next moment,I was lined up at the billing counter with that 'sweet devil' :P
Once again, vanity triumphed over guilt. Megha is right about the feel good thing but I am certain that the pleasurable phase is always short lived . I have to work upon disconnecting this bond between vanity and gratification. Perhaps, I concede, the victory over Megha is many years away.

Water color on paper, my recent art.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My first on a Canvas!

YAY! It's an exhilarating feeling. Oil on canvas...Really! It was an impulsive act.Out of the blue i get this desire to work on a canvas rather than my sketch book(For a Change!).A trip to the nearby stationery and moments later i have all the artistic stuff staring at me.NOW! paint what? I am not really good at sketching. I wanted to play with colors and may be create a texture.

What will I draw? I was plagued with this thought. It had to be simplistic. Though i would have had loved to give the detailing(Alas! My poor drawing skills :( ). I Googled "painting ideas for beginners". Nothing really caught my fancy at the first sight itself.
I was in a haze. At the back of my mind i knew that the idea shall strike like a lightening bolt at any instant. The key was to be patient.Then, one day i stumbled upon a picture of Meditating Buddha while browsing.It caught my fancy.The sculptures and pictures of Meditating Buddha have always had a profound influence on me.The closed eyes and the smile of gratification seem to hypnotize me.So that was it! I was certain that I would draw a minimalist sketch and give a textured background. done with my first Oil on Canvas.

P.S. I was astonished to see 2 new followers today.I am kind of feeling proud of my self :P
A warm welcome to Steph and Kasabiangirl.