Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My phone beeped to announce the arrival of a text message that read “Rose for a rose...Happy Rose day”.For a moment I was perplexed and then it occurred to me that the countdown for the big day(read V-day) has finally begun. Its like the most awaited day by college goers(even school kids) to express,confess or celebrate their so-called LOVE. Tomorrow there shall be some other day may be a chocolate day or a teddy day, who knows! I typed in the reply “An SMS can never substitute the texture and scent of a rose...anyhow Happy Rose day to you as well”. What a lame reply that was but I couldn't think of anything worse than this then :p Have I ever received a 'real rose' on this day?Oh yeah I did! And that was probably two years ago and Hey I met that chap recently on my visit to college. It was nice to catch up with an old friend after a long hiatus.

Emotions are like wild horses and rather than taming them its better to let them loose. Of late I have been pondering over the phenomenon called love and what better than Valentine's week to express my views on this. Is the feeling for real or is it a mirage created due to the release of chemicals and hormones. Studies have shown that 'oxytocin' and 'endorphins' are primarily responsible for this illusion. One gets this feeling of flying in ninth heaven and everything about the other person seems to be perfect. Its like an out of the world experience for few initial days and then slowly everything eventually starts to fade out .But what is it about the person that triggers these emotions, is it the looks?The light in the eyes?This reminds me about the concept of soul mates. I was intrigued by the theory the day I read it for the first time in Paulo Cohelo's Brida. It says that our ultimate aim in our lifetime is to encounter at least one of our soul mates in each incarnation. If we allow our soul mate to pass us by , without accepting him or her or without even noticing then we'll require another incarnation in order to find that soul mate. Interesting and we recognize our soul mates by the light in their eyes or the clairvoyants can see a point of light above the left shoulder in The Tradition of Moon. This certainly aroused my gray matter. One part of me says yes this is for real and the practical part of me is skeptical about it. What kind of light does one have to look out for? Almost every other person has sparkling eyes but that doesn't mean that all of them are my soul mates. May be its too early for me to get into all of this.

Getting back to the phenomenon of love. Markets and industries costing millions of dollars are thriving on this emotion. There's music,movies,books,merchandise and god knows what. The most recent venture which has caught the entire world to sit up and take notice is 'Slumdog Millionaire'.Its a typical Bollywood style love story packaged in an appetizing 'Indian Poverty' gift wrapper. To a certain extent I believe that movies,be it Bollywood or Hollywood are largely responsible for inculcating this belief that 'someone somewhere is made for you' and all that stuff. We being emotional fools easily get influenced and of course who doesn't like fantasy tales and happily ever after illusions.

Whenever I catch up with my old friends they are like 'Do you have a boyfriend'?Then they go like 'Hmm...its high time you get one'.I have my share of infatuations but for now I haven't progressed beyond that. The practical part of me always cuts short my flight to the ninth heaven(or is it the seventh?) and I realize the futility of my emotions. I guess for my age it will be an on/off thing. However, one thing is for sure, ten years later when I'll read this I'll realize the absurdity of my contemplations. And that is the beauty of life. As for my soul mate, will have to wait and watch.

P.S.-The 'romantic' weather today inspired and egged me on to come up with this post.I had a great day today and the treat was the icing on the cake.This reminds me of the awesome truffle cake we had today.
Mausam mastana rasta anjana..jaane kis mod pe ban jaaye koi afsana...