Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get well soon :)


It has been a long time uhmm…more than three months I think. I vividly recall,we met last on 27 December at a house warming. All of you invited us for a stay and both us were acting pricey…hehe. Actually we deferred our visit due to Tanu’s internal exams and you very well know how much freaked up she is in exam time. I think now you are acting pricey…Duh. Come’ on now! All of us here are waiting with baited breath for your discharge from hospital and quick recovery. Hospitals are like your second home nowadays.I reflect you’ve had enough of them and I am sincerely hoping that this is your last stay of all (with crossed fingers). You know what, Papa says that it’s a tough fight but I know from inside that you’ll emerge as a winner.At this instant,I wish Papa didn’t have any medical understanding, all the things he says don’t sound good to me and I try and not pay attention to his words.

I am focusing on The Secret techniques- visualizing and all that stuff. Mami and Anisha are doing everything possible- fasting, visiting holy places etc. You have to combat your ailments; I know it’s easy for me to say all this. But you have no choice. Twice,you have had those critical moments but with God’s grace you were rescued. I consider those as an indication from the higher forces- You are going to come out of all this.

I am conceiving of your healing body and I am sure it is working on the insides. Visualization is a tough process; I tend to get negative thoughts and I Shoo away those . After all I don’t have much control over my mind, it’s like a wild horse racing away in random directions and I am trying my best to tame it.You better get your act right and recuperate. Although ‘Stable Condition’ is the appropriate keyword,achieve that state ASAP.

The other day your Honda parked in the Verandha caught my attention. I envisioned you driving it. It has been ages, your Honda is waiting for you to lay your hands on it. Your favorite couch is craving for your bottom. Nani and Papaji are waiting for your happy disposition to lighten up the ambiance . Papaji is getting frustrated by this over-extended stay of yours and you know Nani is the target of all that frustrations. By the way, I discreetly enjoy those Quarrels in ‘Derawali’. Its not every day that i get to listen to the family dialect.Each and every object of that house is craving for your presence. The home is incomplete without you and we didn’t at all enjoy our brief stay there.

Why I am I writing this? I know it’s a private thing but I am affirming my positive thoughts through this post. I believe there’s immense power in words and the higher forces will have to relent to our wishes. I am sending a strong signal to the universe. Your healing shall be nothing short of a miracle. I am constantly telling myself ‘You are on the way to recovery, your organs are reconstructing themselves and you are going to come out of all this’. You know what, I saw you in my dreams a number of times- hale and hearty. I believe that’s a strong signal of your well being in near future.

I hope this sends a intensely high frequency signal up there and you start getting better and better with each passing day. Amen

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feminine power all the way!

“Agar ladkey kutty hain ,toh unhe banane wali bhi yeh ladkiyan hain”

Do you agree? I don’t and I am writing this post so as to present my arguments against this notion.

First thought- The above statement adds another feather to a man’s traits and that is “passing the buck”. I don’t want this to be another Male v/s Female thing but can’t help it. I must confess I have always loved male bashing and for me nothing can beat the sight of a guy getting a beating from his girlfriend(haven’t seen such thing for ages Sigh!). Coming back to the point, is it our fault that we are pretty? That’s how we were meant to be, Isn’t it! If our beauty brings alive the canine in you then we are not to be blamed. Although we are not ‘Dhud ki dhuli ’and neither are you. We do occasionally indulge in ‘Harmless Flirting’ but we do it in a very uhmm shall I say a ‘Clean Way’. I remember spending long hours in the college canteen lawns and checking out hot guys (those were the days!) .However, we don’t give those dirty stares; that ‘rape with eyes look’. That’s your prerogative Mr.

Once upon a time, we were kept behind the veil; never allowed to voice our opinion forget about asserting our sexuality. Now that we are doing it, you are blaming us. Guys! When will you grow up! Being a woman is not easy as it seems. We have to live with PMS and cope up with mood swings and monthly stomach cramps. We are the ones who bear the baby and you can never ever imagine the intensity of labor pains. And they call us the ‘weaker sex’!

We wear revealing clothes and you start fantasizing! (its another thing that you fantasize about a covered woman as well) Well, at times, that’s our main purpose for wearing such outfits but not always. We dress up to feel like a million bucks or just to make our girlfriends jealous ;) We always dress up so as to impress you Take away this thing from your mind Mr.! Looking at the other side of it, we know it doesn’t take much effort to make a man fall weak in the knees. An inviting look in the eyes is more than enough to set your tails wagging! Of, course exceptions are always there (and welcome, thank God!). This is what I call the ‘Feminine Power’. And to get rid of a guy…Get closer and Closer and Closer(play on with your commitment phobia), yeah that’s the Fastrack advertisement. Advertisements remind me of the AXE kind, a hint of Axe is all you need to get us crazy! How pathetic! I mean we aren’t pattaoed that easily (though exceptions always exist).

Roving eye- Yes we girls also have roving eyes. We do tend to check out a guy’s butt and I know a few girls who fell for a certain guy just because he had cute butt. But we are not like you, checking out I don’t know what all stuff. We have our own discreet ways to catch your attention (secret weapons! which I won’t disclose here). I can say for sure even you guys enjoy being wooed. However, we do it in a playful way; we don’t stoop down to dirty ways. We don’t go around throwing acids when rejected or rape you in a fit of rage. This reminds me of a stray incident in Pakistan (can you believe it!) where a man was raped by a group of women. Tit for Tat! In this era, women are doing all jobs which were initially meant for men only, so why not this! However, harassment is a heinous act and I don’t advocate it, no matter whosoever does it.
I guess men are getting a taste of their own medicine and this is just the beginning.Hey! i am getting a sense of achievement(don't know why!) after having completed this.Feels great :)

Kudos to Feminine power!