Monday, October 27, 2008

Respect the uniqness plz!!

Few notions have been lingering in my mind for the past three weeks or rather i should say a series of events seeded these concerns of mine.
Whenever we meet a person, be it an acquaintance or somebody we are meeting for the first time,packets of remarks are dispersed in our intellect."She looks ill","That color doesn't look nice on him","Here she comes,I don't wanna face her" etc.These comments either flash for a microsecond and disappear or lead to some more casual remarks,depending upon our environment.At times we even articulate these remarks but that depends on the level of intimacy we share with that person.

In our society there are certain conventions regarding the behavior and personality of a person.If somebody talks too much we are like "He's a pain in the a**,a complete nuisance!!" and on the other hand if we come across somebody who's reclusive we go like "Uff,he's so quiet.He always bores me to death!!".What makes us think like this?Just because the other person is different from the usual guy/gal you bump into everyday,you kind of label him into another category?This categorization infuriates me and more so when somebody advices "change".

I marvel at the permutations in the personality traits of each individual.So there has to be extremes at both the ends of this spectrum.Each one of us unique in some way or the other and i think we need to acknowledge that individuality rather than imposing our beliefs.I think these beliefs have been embedded in our sub conscious minds and they somehow influence the way we think.

In the last few days there has been a sudden surge in the number of people calling me "reclusive,introverted etc.".Initially i didn't mind these because I am not ashamed of being one but when you get to hear these every second day you tend to loose it.On top of it there's this advice to "change".That hits my nerves.I mean this is not some kind of disease that one needs to get rid of.Why don't people let the other person be the way he/she is?This reaction of mine might be immature but i had to pour it out.A well wisher told me my "ajna" thing is completely blocked and i need 'to take it easy!!'.Guess what! now I'm feeling lighter.Writing always works like medicine for me.But now,i am a getting a feeling that whatever I've written is all bull shit but that is not my concern(its the reader's!!).

In the past twenty years of my life I've had people who have taken undue advantage of my introverted disposition.I've been taken for granted and back stabbed.At a time i had nobody whom i could trust and actually call a real 'friend'.I am sure I'll come across more of such experiences in future and hopefully I'll handle those in a dignified manner.

As a society we have progressed tremendously.There are talks of landing on moon by 2020 but our minds are still clinging onto stereotypes.Just look at the way our government has brushed up the issue of legalizing homosexuality by declaring it as a disease.Couples in live-in relationships still find it hard to rent an apartment in a metropolitan city like Delhi.Noses were turned up even in an institution like St. Stephens at the proposal of a co-ed hostel.There are several India's existing in our India and i wonder when these India's shall unite.