Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is this a coincidence?

The first voice i heard today in the morning was of a terrorist asking for the release of fellow Mujhaidins.I woke up instantly and saw the rushes of a hotel on fire,bodies being taken to hospitals,a bleeding child etc. India is in the grip of terror again.This is being touted as the worst act of terrorism on India.In fact a news channel called it 9/11 of India.Nothing new,i guess!Repeated occurrences of terror attacks have made us callous by now.They can't scare us anymore.

The moment i picked up today's newspaper i was totally shocked and it had nothing to do with this terrorism thing.Yesterday itself i posted about 'Death' and i happened to mention about bomb blasts.I had written about death and more than hundred people were killed last night.Post coming up hours before that attack,was it just a mere coincidence?Now i am getting a creepy feeling.I read somewhere that there's no such thing as coincidence.Everything happens as per destiny.Did my sub conscience have a bleak signal about this upcoming tragedy?Or am i uselessly creating a mountain out of a mole hill?Can't make out yet.

Yesterday i was uselessly blabbering about a minor issue and now when i see the bigger picture i realize my insanity .Sometimes you get so much entangled in your own web you fail to see that you are going deeper and deeper without realizing the futility of the entire exercise.Thanks to a wise friend I'm glad I'm out of all that,at least for now.

When you look around the world you realize that there are bigger and more important issues which people are coping with and then you realize that yours was not an issue in the first place! After all we are nothing but a small entity in this infinite universe and the moment you realize that,your so called issues themselves start fading.

PS: May the souls of departed rest in peace and i wish for quick recovery of the injured.Amen

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Parul said...

Amazing write-up!! which i guess would be an understatment. Must say one of your best works. :) Coming back to the blog, the blasts saw no religon, dey r just a black patch on d society. Moreover I'd say it definitely is not a coincidence. Your intution turned out to be correct. I distinctly remember us having a chat on past lives in one of d metro rides nd it did clearly show ur interest in it. Afterall the topic is quiet intriguing.
Lastly i wud like to say only right people get the right instincts at d rite time n u r one of dem.
Keep up d gud work.. :)