Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just a bad day :(

What a gloomy day! In the morning, lying in my bed I could sense that something is not right about TODAY.As usual I dismissed it as a figment of my imagination. I read the news of gang rape of a MBA girl in Noida. What goes in the minds of these rapists? Why do these men think that they have the liberty over any woman they want and what makes others jump into the act, don’t they have an independent mind of their own? Day by day, the city and NCR is becoming unsafe for women.
Few minutes later I saw the news of Satyam balance sheet scam on CNBC. My God! I could never imagine such a thing from one of the top IT companies of India. The anger was apparent in Udyan Mukherjee’s voice; I have never seen him talk like that before. He is always calm and composed and I admire him for that composure. I don’t know why he lost it today. Coming back to Satyam, Mr. Raju what made you think that you’ll be able to get away safely after such kind of manipulations in the balance sheet? Earlier it was Maytas and now what made you commit such a heinous act? The devil within us can take over anytime and before we realize it, it’s too late to mend those acts.

Few hours later I went with Papa for driving. I don’t know what happened to me (or the car) today, the engine just went off when I applied brakes and shifted the gear to neutral. It happened a number of times and the honking of impatient people from behind made me more nervous. The experience was just too bad today, though thankfully there was no collision (touch wood).My hands were sweating as I fumbled with the gears ad mist constant honking. I don’t know why people are so impatient, can’t they be see the ‘L’ and be sensible enough to wait. There’s this general perception that women are bad drivers and they better stay away from roads. I know a number of women who drive smartly. I want to be one of those who defy that perception. I may be a slow learner but with adequate practice I’m sure I’ll able to drive through smoothly. I guess even papa must be wondering by know ‘good for nothing girl’. I feel bad when I let down somebody and myself. Hopefully it won’t be bad next time.
I too want to be independent and drive myself to any place rather than relying on others.I just hope and pray that I’ll be able to drive smartly one day and get my driving license without greasing the hands of touts.

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