Friday, May 1, 2009

Withering Highs

'Wuthering Heights' in today's newspaper caught my eye. I loved the classic by Bronte. Since I am more or less idle now days,I made up my mind to write on a related topic. From there,this phrase 'Withering Highs' hit me.

The word 'High' reminds me of alcohol and drugs. I am not really sure of the feeling associated with 'being on a high' but I'll try my best to pen down that sensation:P With the first sip,you revel in the taste (or turn up your nose in disgust if you are a first timer) of your drink. A sense of relaxation is evoked as you take in more sips. All your inhibitions start melting away. You start talking more and your laugh sounds heartier than before. Though you yourself are not conscious of these changes. Couple of sips later(again that varies from person to person), this blissful and ecstatic feeling amplifies. You are the happiest person and the entire world is in your feet(reverse 'Devdas' effect is also a possibility, I won't delve into that).Wow! Isn't that a great feeling! But,as all good things should come to an end, this feeling too passes away. As the clock ticks away, the high starts withering. The cursing hangover brings about the confession 'I shouldn't have overdone it'.

Coming over to my kind of 'High'. Sucking up sweetened syrup from ice crystals of 'Gola' gives me immense pleasure. The way it chills your head, I believe nothing in this world can beat it. To sum up the feeling, 'Chubbti garmi vich thand pe jaandi ha'. As the 'Cool High' starts withering, it brings with it a lumpy feeling in my throat. And that's the reason my mum (actually, its the case with mostly all the mothers) has never approved this summer delicacy.

The thick, creamy ,sweetened Lassi topped up with Malai on a hot afternoon transports you into a trance. Deep and uninterrupted sleep is the aftereffect of this drink.

The word 'High' also implies 'morally good'. This angle gives 'Withering Highs' a different meaning altogether. I am sure most of you have witnessed or have been victims of the deteriorating morals in our society. The money starved and sex starved people can stoop down to unimaginable levels. But not all is murky. There are still good people out there. They retain your faith in humanity and somewhat ease your survival in this jungle.
As they say this is 'Kalyug' and the worst is yet to be seen.

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sobhit said...

hell id high ... heaven down below.. like dat thot ,had it cookin up my head 2 but jst didnt knew hw 2 put it out, readin dis 1
it sure gvs a nice picture... but like alawz d darker side myt fascinates evn more :P