Monday, July 8, 2013

Dealing Smartly with Mr. Virus

Illness is something that puts brakes on our routines and pops the bubble of our parallel world. Whenever we mortals think that plans are working out, things are falling in place and life is in control...BANG! adversities or illnesses barge in your space without knocking. They bring with them their own set of obvious discomforts, troubles and pains. However, they also propel you to dive deeper in the realms of unknown and acknowledge the uncertainty in life. I was inflicted by a certain mischievous 'virus', who choose his timing after lots of planning and deliberation. The smarty virus barged into my system a day before i was supposed to embark upon an elusive, much-needed vacation. Blog, i confess! i was so very excited and was so looking forward to this holiday. Its been years since i took a vacation, and something or the other always halted the plans. At times, it was the unavailability of concerned individuals, parental resistance or other XYZ factors. However, this time it seemed...YES! this is it!! Now nothing can hamper this vacation...until this minuscule virus heard me exclaim and saw me smile and smirk.

They say never ever underestimate the power of 'small', as small things are very well competent to shake the core of any possible entity. Initially, it was hard to estimate the intensity of this virus's effect. I was assuming that the symptoms would subside in a day and i would be able to resume my plans. Another jolt ;) i am totally bed-ridden as i write this. And this is the second time, such a thing has happened. The adage 'History repeats itself'' yet again wrote 'Hence Proved' in the book of my life. This time i am not really upset or complaining. Rather, i am amused :D Maybe this small adversity is a divine intervention to avert a bigger one. Who knows! As i lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling...i focused on the excruciating pain and chills in the body. In the hot and humid month of July, i was shivering! I tell you, each of these viruses bring with them their own set of symptoms and after-effects. And as of now, the cure for these viruses remains elusive for medical science. Medicines, in a way, subdue the symptoms without healing the disease from the root. So the more you fall prey to these micro-organisms, the more immune you become to them.  Wow!! wonderful! Since birth, i have been very prone to catching colds, fevers and in a way by now i should have been accustomed to all this. But still i ain't!! However, this time, i dealt with Mr. Virus in a smarter manner.

I told myself this is gonna go away eventually! Nothing is permanent and so this too shall pass soon. The whole life is there, several such trips could be planned, so all is not lost. The illness in way made me ponder, don't we take our body for granted always? We slog and slog, ignoring the early signs until a breakdown occurs. The pain made me realize, oh! i have a freaking head!! Other times, i was mostly lost with the daily hum-drum and mindless chit-chatter in the head...too engaged to realize that eventually the machinery would breakdown if not attended to! Plus the cycle of illness and recovery is a recurring one in all human lives...there is no escape from it. And i am no exception. So! i thanked my stars for giving me this opportunity to pause and ponder, to actually rest! So what if i am missing out on the crazy discount sales and newly released movies...anyhow i miss those on some pretext or the other. This time...all this is for ME, so make the most of this time! And what if there is lots of noise and dust at home..i have to seek peace within. In this golden time, i slept loads, lay curled up on bed with a book, and here i am updating this blog after ages. Now! i guess should stop...the eyes can't take any more strain now...see you soon blog :)

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sobhit said...

gud to c u back bloggng... n taking all in its stride n findng postvs in all... a sweet fresh breathr.. dis post ... gt well soon n plan d nxt trip wid sm additional individuals along :-P... u tk gud cr f urself... rest n relax.. lucky is mr virus to b so close to u :-P... a hapi feelng it is.. to read ur blog...