Thursday, July 30, 2009

Am tagged again!

Doesn't that look like a unicorn in the sky with its head down? It proved lucky for me because that very night an astonishing thing happened.Read further.

O No! Not again. Third time in this month! Can't make out why people want me to open up those dusty cabinets in my intellect and bring forth abandoned artifacts (made any sense? forget it!).
Though I'll have to confess, I am feeling like a celebrity...glee. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I saw myself tagged by the Goddess of Bloggers Extranjera.Isn't that amazing!

Fifth post for this month! Looks like I’ll be breaking my own record.
On second thoughts I wonder who the hell cares and wants to know this much about me. But then I reckon, this time it's by Extranjera. Extranjera! This is just for you :)
By the way, me living in a barrel with the internet connection is an intriguing suggestion: P

Let’s get started.
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five mortals.

My five favorite words:

1.Alohomora -For the uninitiated, this is a spell used in Harry Potter series to open or unlock doors. Love the way it sounds. Whenever I see a locked door I have this tendency to recite the spell and seconds later the callous reality dawns upon me: I am a muggle:(
2.Shukriya - Meaning thank you, the word was born from Urdu. It kind of intensifies the feeling of gratitude and its usage makes me feel royal, can't say why!
3.enchanting - Can't explain my affinity for this word. It arouses a mystical feeling.
4.LOL - Obvious reasons! (though technically it's not a single word) While posting comments on Facebook and our very own Blogger or while chatting on Gtalk, the word is a life saver in jokey situations.
5.Leviosa - Its part of a spell in Harry Potter series 'Wingardium Leviosa'. The spell is used to levitate objects. The word sounds gracious and enigmatic.

My five favorite celebrity crushes:

1.Rahul Gandhi : His down to earth manner in public despite belonging to the grand “Gandhi “ family is admirable. I quite liked his approach to mingle with masses especially the night stays in villages. Moreover, his dimples and boyish charm make him the most illegible bachelor.
2.Richard Gere: Is there a need for me to give any explanations? The name says all.
3.Hrithik Roshan : The pin up guy of the Indian Film industry. Piercing eyes and that two day stubble make him more and more alluring.
4.Hillary Clinton: She exudes power and confidence. At the same time her coolness and oratory skills never cease to astonish me. Her elegant demeanor during the Clinton scandal won her my admiration.
5.J K Rowling: Out of box imagination of hers has billions of fans the world over.

My five favorite random things

1.My tattered blue color pajama –Can’t make up my mind to discard it.
2.My small notebook – I used to jot down my thoughts in it before I discovered the mesmerizing world of blogging.
3.Green color lycra top – A recent possession, fell in love with it at first sight
4.My blogs – They are a part of me, my heart and soul.
5.The TV remote – The pleasure of viewing idiot box is incomplete without having the power to flip channels during the climax scene.

My five favorite comic book characters-

1.Garfield – I so wish I had a life like him. Just lying on the couch with the TV remote and munching on the goodies with ‘to hell with everything’ attitude.
2.Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes – The kid always has a sound and logical explanation for his mischievous activities.
3.Charlie Brown from Peanuts
4.Our very own indigenous Chacha Chaudhary who claims that his brain computes faster than any computer in the world.
5.Dennis the menace

My five favorite literary characters

1.Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and prejudice
2.Jane from Jane Eyre
3.Swami from Malgudi days
4.Harry from HP series
5.Heathcliff from Wuthering heights

My five favorite silly desires

1.Spread out my wings and soar high up in the sky
2.Do a moon walk on the moon
3.Own a cozy cottage in the hills, sit in a rocking chair on the porch, watch kittens playing around and write a book using the old fashioned pen and paper or perhaps a typewriter.
4.Talk a walk in a European countryside vineyard and sample the wine there.
5.Learn chocolate making ,prepare a large quantity of sinfully melted chocolate and take a dip in that :P

Finally I’m done. This one required a hell lot of introspection. I’m glad I completed it, it’s nice to travel in the maze of one’s psyche once in a while. I added last three categories.

Now comes the tagging part.

1.Rohini at Train of Thought
2.Kasabiangirl at Life sure is a snoozefest!!
3.Daydream Lily at Daydream Lily
4.Melissa at So about what I said...
5.Steph at Chard Intimate


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks..I know you don't like tags but we like reading about you keep answering!! :)

Extranjera said...

Monica - Awesome categories. Great to get to know you a little more.

Also, thank you for my title ;o)

monica said...

Kasabiangirl : Nice to know that people want to read about me :P
Looking to forward to your post now!

Extanjera: THANK YOU! You visited my page and tagged me :D
Couldn't ask for more!

sobhit said...

yaar hats off 2u n d others who can keep filling up n tagged up... me toh cant imagine doin it all.. n dis tag toh tooooooooo intellectual.. phew i guess i cant evn manage 2 fill up all d 5 options u hvin der... dnt hv dos mani resources 2 fill dem all up, waise who is extranjera.. goddess of bloggin?? am curious.. she must b on her gaurds now.. u sure lookin2 earn dat throne 4 urself :D.. so u kary on n keep blogging n getin tagged.. guess will get 2knw more n more f u.. gota b cautious hw 2 write d comments now.. :P :P n all genuine wot i wroie here..

Rohini Prasanth said...

Hey monica! You and I have a lot in common girl!! I will have download expired stuff from my brain and sort through it to come up with answers different from yours and atleast half as interesting. Because, seriously, I seem to share a lot of your favorites. Hmm..

Awesome post.

Totally with you on giving Extranjera the title.

Melissa Blake said...

Hey -- thanks for the tag!

monica said...

Sobhit what do you mean by "dnt hv dos mani resources 2 fill dem all "?
I am years away from that title.To read the awesome blog of Extranjera, just follow the link in my post.You will thank me for that :)

monica said...

Hey nobody has noticed the unicorn in the sky! Has my imagination gone nuts?

Parul said...

Not et all... It vaguely looks like a unicorn!
And another job nicely done :) It must have taken a whole lot of a thought to fill this one. Moreover the categories are amazing. I was going through Extranjera's blog, went through a couple of posts and found them really good! i totally agree with you on giving her the title!

Toothfairynotes said...

oh what a cool post!
I loved the answers, and hahaha hillary clinton... that's cool!


gymnstxlvr said...

Nice.....I don't ever have the patience to respond to my tags, lol.

Guess what? I'm back! And posting! Yayy!

Welcome Home said...

I love your blog and reading your thoughts and ideas...

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