Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life is UNCERTAIN...NO one can escape the cycle of birth and death.

Have read these lines innumerable times yet i wasn't prepared for what was to come next.One doesn't really realize the graveness of these lines until tragedy strikes.
A part of me doesn't want to write.But then, i tell myself "You can communicate only via an invisible bridge". I believe words have that power to connect and reach out to the departed.I think i can reach out via words and feel the presence of his kind soul.

The day started off as normal.A strange thing happened today morning.I saw him in my dream today morning,hale and hearty and well on his path to recovery.I prayed to god for his speedy recovery and was completely clueless of what was to unfold today.In mid afternoon, dark clouds enveloped the sky.There's a strong association between nature and emotions of mortals and special ones i would say.Those one in thousand types, who repose your faith in good despite the widespread blanket of evil and those who are virtuous, they practice rather than preach.

Tiny droplets of rain brushed past my face.At that moment, i was unaware of the tragedy that shall black mark this day.Another thing that's bewildering is-it's his birthday day after tomorrow and he has departed exactly a month after a loved one's birthday.

Via phone, the voice at the other end said "He's no more". I couldn't believe my ears and confirmed what i had heard again. I was too stunned to react.How could he go away like that?So Soon.Such is life's irony...there's no answer to this WHY.

I don't know how I'll face others tomorrow.God give me the strength.


Rohini Prasanth said...

Oh My! I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it is to lose someone you love so suddenly. My grandfather passed away like this too.. I never had a chance to say good bye, and I was actually on a bus going back home happy to meet him. It was a shock that took a long while to sink in, inspite of the fact that he was sick.. but I was not prepared for what happened.

My heart and prayers go out to you. Be strong.. Seek solace only in the fact that he did not have to suffer anymore..that he is at peace finally.. that was the only thing that helped me.

Indeed, nothing is in our control.. but it hurts so much.

Angelina said...

My deepest condolence for your loss. At times likes these it is difficult to make sense of life and death, and why people have to die.

When someone I knew close to me died I wrote this blog, and it helped me think about the contribution and value of her life.


Only time has a way of healing the deep loss we feel when someone we love dies.

Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry for your loss dear...be strong

I really don't know what to say in such situations...I hope you will be strong enough to deal with the pain.tc

Parul said...

As far as I know you monica, I think you are pretty strong. I really hope & feel you will come out of the grief soon. I have never seen this side of you. No one can understand the terrible loss the family & you have undergone. Its easy to sooth someone, but the one who's going through it only he/she feels the pain. Time will heal everything!
Lastly you dont have to worry about how you will face others, as you (rather we) are lucky to be blessed with a great set of friends! Everyone is pretty concerned.
Take care dear