Friday, October 16, 2009

Unveil the magic of luminance

Pleas for compassion are being disregarded
Efforts to make them see the light of wisdom are turning futile
How tight is this blindfold of malice desires?
O Candles! I wish thy luminance tears through the darkened corners of hearts
O Sparklers! Get rid of cobwebs in deserted cabinets of mind
Festive spirits, I pray thee, illumine the velvety night in our intellects
Brush past the atoms of ignorance to reveal the golden sheath of acumen

PS-Few random lines jotted down to unburden and to ascertain my hope in “Goodness shall prevail”
Wishing you all a very joyous Diwali. Have a great time!


sobhit said...

happy deepavali 2 u n ur family...

sobhit said...

now dis diya adds 2ur blog... clicked it urself?? nice flame

monica said...

ya Self clicked :P