Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Walk

I slung my bag on shoulder and held his hand with renewed warmth. Together we stepped out into a new morning, a morning that shall perhaps open a new chapter in our relationship. Damp sand was imprinted with millions of tiny rain droplets. That invigorating wet earth fragrance evoked tender emotions. Pearl like rain drops on freshly washed green leaves were shimmering in the morning sun. “What a rejuvenating morning after a dull night!” I exclaimed. He smiled his charming smile. The magic was coming alive yet again. Last night was the blackest of all. Our love had died a thousand deaths. His silence pierced a thousand holes in my heart. I was drained by his apathy and had given up on our further association. “This is it, I am walking out tomorrow” I had resolved. Walking out on those 2 years of our association was not an easy decision. I am not the kind of person who once hitched lets go easily. The force of attraction was following the curve of exponential decay. We were no longer fond of each other. Doubts, confusion and monotony had eclipsed our affections. I was cursing myself for having agreed to join him on this trip and give our relationship one last final chance. But this morning was like a crazy dream come true. Probably a garden pixie had whispered goodie goodie things in his ear. I was stunned to see bright shades in his persona. “Come on lazy bum! Let’s go for a walk and iron out all the creases” He exclaimed.

Jet black road bathed by rains last night greeted us. I sensed a strange newness in my surroundings. Was it due to downpour? Or was it my intuition that was whispering “Change will knock your doors soon!”

To be continued...

This kid with bright innocent eyes swept me off my feet.

Different hues of spring


funthebestway said...

One word.."stunned". I felt like the moment stopped for a while in a fear that they would be seperated but the opposite happened as their last night went away uncosy.

Simply saying it was just one moment and that too explained in deep with 100 words showering to say that still there are more to come.

hahaha.. I thought it would be a love story but it was ur innocent look to that baby with expections that he would never leave u.

Keep continuing the best part!!!

sobhit said...

interesting.. looking 4wrd 2d part 2... n cute kiddo.. keep posting

J said...

This piece was refreshing in its simplicity...will wait for the next installment

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

Very well written. Looking forward to the next part!

Keep em coming. :)