Monday, March 1, 2010

Colors of silence

The gloss of spring born leaves caught my sight today afternoon. A gentle breeze swayed past those new adornments and produced a soft and melodious sound. A sparrow chirped and added to the notes. The giant blue sky and fluffy cottony clouds completed the scenery. I savored the beauty and tranquility of my surroundings. It was enchanting and intoxicating. Yes, I was getting high. Time just stopped by and I wanted the moment to freeze. An unusual serenity overwhelmed me. Wow! I loved that feeling. It’s not every day that you sit up and take notice of your daily environs. It is there before you, calling you out silently and you choose to look away rather than delving in the magnificence of nature.

Bright and colorful flowers smiled at me. I touched the petals and sensed the smooth and velvety texture. They evoked a spirited feeling and yet they were silent. Their silence spoke volumes of our apathy. I pondered; we humans are so dependent on words. We use words to express our sentiments. These flowers need no words to gauge our temper. They savor our coldness and doldrums without any complaints and demands. No matter what, you’ll always find them jolly.

Black grapes, one of my favorite fruits are a lifelong buddy. Those juicy black pearls rejuvenate my taste buds. It is so magical. Without any squeals they silently crush beneath my teeth and ooze out their nectar. WOW!

We rarely notice the resources at our disposal and acknowledge their presence and importance. They are our silent heroes. I recently paid a visit to the neighborhood cobbler. I was taken aback by his humble persona. Actually I was elated; such kinds of people do exist even today. In the past few days I have come across a number of down to earth souls. People like these, reinforce the fact that bright shades do exist and shine in this largely gray world.

Today is Holi, the festival of colors. Of late I have observed that in a mixed group of boys and girls, boys enjoy splashing colors on a particular girl of their liking :P It has happened with me as well. It's like they get a license to flirt with the object of their affection on holi. This festival does bring people closer :P
A line is playing in my mind, I’ll close this post with that.

Kitni akele thi who rahen…jin par hum chalte rahe


sobhit said...

good observation and writing technique... i so made me to write in proper complete english words than making use of sms language... very well composed i will say .... and noticing the unnoticed and observing the world around.. well what can i say.. you leave no scope to comment on all such stuff... so i wont say much and say stop here... and holi isnt an excuse to flirt... personally dont like the festival.. though appreciate the emotions associated with it as long as people play it with the true spirits.... fools finding excuse to behave like morons cant help... all in all "bura na mano holi hai " works as long as koi bura na kare... else it gets dirty.. so hope people keep the true spirit alive in the years to come and holi stays holy :P :P
so like always nice read... and keep posting

Angelina said...

A beautiful rendition of Spring in all it's glory. You have a marvelous eye for observing your environment and a talent in describing what you've observed.