Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nostalgic fever

Wow! What a relaxing night…simply lying down, no blues to bother me. Feels divine: D Perhaps a friend’s exuberant air has infected me too and I am not complaining. A nostalgic sentiment is sprouting within me yet again. The last examination has aroused the dormant sentimental seeds . Seeds which were rendered inert by the daily hustle bustle and emotional torrents. Words dodge me…“O Evil mind! Quit playing hide and seek”.

I marvel at my college days. Those “Hard on ass” wooden benches (Ouch!) can’t replace the cushioned comfort of ergonomic chairs but I am longing to sit on those benches yet again. The centrally air conditioned environs can’t pacify the ruffled feathers within. I was better off in the humid classroom.

All these thoughts bring about a subtle smile on my face. Thanks to DIAS, I have a fantastic circle of friends. Each one is extraordinary in his or her own way. I feel I am a different person today, a better version of my previous self. The way all pieces of the puzzle have fit in perfectly, astonish me. We are so different, yet we bonded so well(Touch Wood!). Basic chemistry, opposite ions have a greater attractive force! I think we were destined to meet somehow or the other.

Cut back to the present. I think there’s a mystic connection that is evolving and getting better week by week. I have this feeling that I get a whiff of what’s going on in the other’s mind. Very often, when I am thinking of so and so, the phone beeps to announce a text from the very same person. Vice versa too is very common nowadays. Perhaps, I am wrong or may be right! And it’s not just with me; others too can make out my ruminations at times. And am afraid, they hit the bull’s eye: P Wow! Isn’t that awesome? I am loving these mind reading games!

Small adjustments in time schedules so that we meet up at least once in a week, waiting, and then being at your best behavior so as to incite the late comers: P Then going out of the route to drop at door steps, despite of being down and tired. Have no words to express the kind of relationship level we are heading to. I must add, it could be dangerous. God Forbid, saying Good Byes would be harder, way beyond my imagination. Why worry when present is so perfect! I just hope that our bond continues to grow stronger and stronger,weekend by weekend.

PS-I was reading my slam book and God! I exclaimed. Was I that good really? High end words for me written by high end minds!Those were the days…Sigh! Anyhow a great mind had said “Change is the only constant” .Learning to cope up with the change!
Want to write more but words dodge me, i used to write so effortlessly. "CHANGE" :(


sobhit said...

u cud hv written more .. but nvrdless nicely done... mind games r none... its d compatblty i gues.. rest well... ur shot f words 2 write. .funny but am short on words 2 comment... so, feel gud read actually n ur slam gud says d truth.. its not dat u were but u still r dat gud.. so keep rocking woman...


Parul said...

U would'nt believe, its nostalgia and more nostalgia for me too... Been 3 daz cant get over this feeling ya :) and now coming from your side that too in a blog, makes the feeling even more stronger :) Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh
Yes those were the days... sob sob... missing them already!!! Talking about the bond, know its getting stronger. hope nothing withers this away!!

Lastly sorry for missing on all the previous posts, will try making up for the lost time :)
Lovely post...

Anonymous said...

Nice post...I miss the "Hard on ass" wooden benches too :)

You still write effortlessly and that is something that's not going to change, i guess ;)