Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weddings, Kites and Photos

Ahh…The Grand Indian Wedding season is back with a bang! Sheesh…and everyone around me is crazy about it. Crazy about being hitched as well as attending the dos. Wow! What’s with me? Am I the only psycho who gets paranoid when it comes to attending a shaadi ?

It all began last weekend. I saw an invitation card that read 29th May 2010. My first thought was like “Who cares? I don’t even know the groom”. I made it clear to my folks, am not attending this one. I successfully dodged the engagement night. PROUD OF THAT :) Had fun with my buddy at home sweet home. We started planning a weekend trip to some nearby place. That ways, I wouldn’t have to bother about attending the ceremony. And luckily both of us had got a green signal from our respective folks; though with Conditions apply tag. We made our best efforts to convince parties to join us but I guess whatever is destined to happen, happens. It was written in Black letters “Monica will be attending the Shaadi”. And I was trying my best to con this. The trip planning didn’t bear any fruit. I told mum that I don’t want to go, would rather stay home and take rest after a hectic week. I got the following Gyaan from my enlightened family members

“You are not the only person on this planet who works!”

“Everyone was asking ‘Megha kyun nahi aayi’ on Thursday and we don’t want to entertain any more of such queries on Saturday”

“You better get used to attending such dos at this age else it would be problematic later”

“Your friends are much dear to you than family! Why so? No more outings if you don’t come along”

“It’s been ages, catch up with your cousins! It’s healthy for survival in society!”

God! Didn’t have the strength to argue further. So, I told myself “Go Girl! You like the view of parked planes from the expressway, go for that visual treat, and no more boring suits, flaunt your skirt: P“This is how I persuaded my heart to tag along. The shady skies, a gentle cool breeze and the distant cuckooing sound cajoled me to move out. How I wished I could spend that evening with my dear buddies (No meeting this weekend! Sad :|). Moreover, a pampering session with a buddy had lifted up my spirits, had a great time with her.

It was drizzling when we moved out. The settings were perfect for a long drive. Rusty orange sky and tiny rain droplets gleaming in the street light, it was as if Gods up above were whispering “Darling! This for you, don’t be upset”. A lovely song playing on the car stereo made me ecstatic. It’s still reverberating in my head. Still can’t get enough of it!

Breeze ruffled my freshly pampered hair at the venue. “Not very crowded, I should be fine here” I comforted myself. Aunties unknown to me surrounded my folks. I moved away and saw them looking at me warily through the corner of their eyes. Minutes later, the cousins came in to my rescue. It was nice to catch up with them after ages. The bonding that we shared many moons ago was conspicuous by its absence. Geographies have played their game well. I did manage to convince all for a short weekend trip, Hopefully this shall see the light of the day.

PS-Another wedding coming up next week! God Help me!
Shuru ho gayi kahani meri, mere dil ne baat na maani meri...


sobhit said...

dnt like attending wedding?? welcome 2b club :P.. only my folks know it bttr i wont go.. so dey have stopped asking me aftr once i say NO... ws a tym wen i had 2 gv in2 d pressure n tag alaong but not now.. gud hai u njyd d whtr n cot wid cousins.. not a bad outting aftr al :) turnd out well enuf n evn d trip in d making.. u sure wudnt b disppnted unlike 4 dis wk.. gud u put up d post ...

Parul said...

see, was a change after all ;) You got to meet your cousins after all that long time! Moreover, what with the flaunting your pampered tresses ? Anyhow, about our trip, it'll happen soon be it with or without parties ..lolz ab toh had it from my sis as well. And u were witness to it! Had a great time as well, rest missed meeting our buddies :)