Sunday, November 7, 2010

I have time on my side...


I have so many things on my mind right now! Phew!! Yesterday night I was contemplating an introspective kind of post for you. But then today’s day turned out to be pretty eventful. I’d like to share a few tit bits with you.

I wanted to spend my last holiday in peace at home, maybe catch up with pending reading stuff. However, fate had other plans for me…Now! I hadn’t anticipated the velocity and force of the so called plans. Here it goes...

It was a long drive to my cousin’s place and the drive on a November morning was a pleasure. I believe Delhi is at its best in November and December. There was a slight nip in the air and the smog due to Diwali was persistent this morning as well. A signboard that said ‘Connect with Life’ caught my eye. “I am already connected to life, in fact, I am hooked:D “I told myself assertively. Two semi naked kids were offering marigold flowers to Ganesha and Laxmi idols on a footpath near a traffic signal. They had that naive look on their faces. Meters ahead I saw an aged couple dodging cars, supporting each other and walking hand in hand. “I have seen and grabbed all, don’t want to live that long” I wondered. “Oh! Now don’t get started again”, “Got the stones, now all my wishes have been granted, can die in peace!” “Uff, there’s a lot to be explored, time knows when you’ll breath last so shut up and let it play it’s game, till then enjoy the bliss in each moment” Sigh. See! Several sides of me!

Finally I landed at my first destination. “Hey you look smarter than before!” Mind said ‘Tadda Danger ahead’. After we all were settled down and done with the greetings and niceties bang came the grand missile shots. An elder cousin casually asked “Are you single or are you going around with someone?” “Still single!! That’s boring”. Megha you are a dead duck! She has apparently shortlisted a ‘Smart and a handsome guy’ for me.”Please!I don’t want to”. “He too cribs like you! Don’t worry he will settle down in a year or two…I just wanted to let you know”. “Is he your friend?” “No just a colleague of mine”. Megha Ignore!! “Btw when do you intend to…” “Not now atleast! 3-4 years later may be” “Hmmmmmmmmmm”. Phew! Thank god! I successfully dodged those missiles. It got over then and there but somehow I knew that this was not the end.

Take Two!! Sabse badhe vale chacha. “How’s the work going? You are permanent now right!” “Permanency does not belong to the dictionary of private sector”. So, he asked my dad “Is she ready?” He looked at me, I looked the other way. “Ask her” and all eyes were on me. The spotlight was on me like in Yash Raj’s Dil toh Pagal ha.I had that “Kya ha” look on my face. “Not now”. Then “When?2 months, 6months?” “3 years” “Naa! That would be too late” “I had a proposal from a family friend, the guy is in TCS with a really good package. He won’t wait that long”. Who cares I wondered. And moreover TCS !! That bloody company has rejected me twice. I have pledged to never ever be associated with that company. Ughh!! I am still a na├»ve kid, why are these people in such a hurry. My cousin probably knew what was going on in my mind because she too had those same dilemmas few years back. “Megha I understand your concerns, but you see you’ll have to compromise once you cross the 25 barrier. Then you’ll have to ultimately go for Uncle Type’s. I don’t want to see you compromising.” Then she supported her arguments with examples of her friend and friend’s friend who are still single and looking because they had tantrums like me. “I have career issues, am still not sorted.”The end.

Take three!! The next chacha. Aunty was complaining “I have all the time and money to explore new places but my knee pain doesn’t permit those explorations!” I casually told mom “See, this is my age to see new things, later on I will also complain like this. So take me to new unexplored destinations” “Get married and explore the world with your hubby” exclaimed my cousin who’s five days younger than me. “Hello, now you don’t start off…why don’t you get hitched?” “I am a guy and you are a girl and moreover I’ll marry a younger girl so you see I have years. You, my sister are already late” “Kyaa!! Don’t you worry!” “I am your brother! Who else will worry” “Later we’ll talk about this not now” “Tere ko koi pasand kyun ni aata! Choose your own guy, life would be easier for your parents also”. I choose to stay quiet. For one, why should I settle so early! I am still so kiddish. This is one reason I avoid social gatherings. Moreover, I absolutely abhor the formalities and these people will object to my ideas. I’ll be absconding for sure :P that’s my crazy bollywoodish idea. Blog keep this a secret sssssssshhhh What an eventful day today was!! Loved the ups and downs :P Am still in the don’t care mood regarding marriage vows. I have time on my side…amen :)


Angelina said...

It is never too late, well unless you want children. But even that is becoming more manageable.
There is a movement afoot whereby young women in America are freezing there eggs so they can devote their time to their career before starting a family. A lively debate is ensuing about the pros and cons of starting later in life. That aside, you should stick with what works for you.

We should not be defined by who we marry, instead we are defined by who we are on our own merits.

Angelina said...

oops, mis typed "there" should be "their eggs" : )

sobhit said...

AMEN... i hope u hv enuf tym for all dat u need 2do b4 settling dwn... rest dunno wot 2say on dis dilemma f urs my frnd... al d best wid wot all u want

an itrospectv post wud hv been fun... but guess dat can wait till d nxt one... so looking 4wrd to dat 2.. d narration style in dis seems diff 4m ur previous post... but den myb d previous ones were nvr dis instant eithr :P... d just in breaking news types...

d whole marriage... easy age for guys.. odrwise 4 girls... one f dos traditions f d country dat dnt go dwn well wid me... but guess got no say in dis..

nehw keep posting n try n b regular wid dis one n only swthrt f urs :P... mr rumination here.. d lucky 1 ;p ;p

P.S. ur observation 4m d road syd wot v all gv a miss evn aftr noticing is nice... shws evn anthr side f u..

monica said...

Hey Angelina!!
Thanks for dropping by my post :) Yeah i have heard about this freezing eggs thing but the trend is yet to pick up in India.I am definitely gonna stick by what i feel is right.

I second you on the fact that we are defined by who we are as a person. I wish there were more people who thought that ways.

Hey Sobhit!!
Variety is the spice of life right.Yes, narration is different out here.Yes my blog is my sweetheart but don't change her gender. I refer to her as 'She':P
I am glad you noticed what i wrote about the Road side scenes :)
Always feels good to be appreciated :)

The Silent Speaker said...

I agree with Angelina. It is never too late. I just turned 26 and I don't wanna get hitched for the next three years or so. But at the same time you can't plan life. It happens at its own pace. Most of my friends are married but I have no regrets. I am letting life unfold at its own pace. And so should you. If you wanna travel then go ahead. If you wanna concentrate on your career then you do that. We shouldn't feel guilty about our choices. We should embrace them. Shaadi to waise bhi honi hi hai. Aik na aik din ho jaye gi. But to force these decisions only because one is approaching a certain age is absolutely ridiculous. Good luck with everything :)