Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Happy to Ms. Versatile

Dreamy Sadaf

All set to conquer hearts!

Fresh :)
Well, Sadaf aka Ms. Creative, Intellectual, Photographer, Painter, Poetess, Researcher, Debater, Dreamer and SRK Fan celebrates her birthday and I get to write another birthday special post :) Blessed I am! This super awesome lady is a warehouse of talent and she always plays this card of modesty. Ever since I have known her, she has always been that humble, caring and generous lady who always makes sure you are comfortable and taken care of. In our girl gang, she and I are known to be somewhat ‘shareef’ and ‘calm’ ;) She is such an amazing orator and debater; I really envy her for her articulate disposition! She can talk on and on for hours, and it is not just Jibber Jabber. I love listening to her :) With her, there is some strange long-distance wireless connection. I mean, she is sitting countries away and I don’t feel the distance at all! Whenever we meet, it seems as if we met yesterday! And hence, she doesn’t end up receiving any special VIP treatment :P 

All set to fly high

Inn aankho ki masti ke...mastaane hazaaro hain

Happy to click ;)

Sadaf, I love the fact that our friendship is so ‘light’. There’s no such thing as you scratch my back and I scratch yours and only then we’ll be friends. It just feels so natural, no expectations at all…even silence speaks the language of love with you. You are one person with whom I can talk my heart out and the feeling is mutual :) I had never really believed that we would maintain the connection after BSL…but with each passing day, it only grows stronger. In BSL, I still remember our early morning and washroom chitchats, and those outings to Stellar Park, Haldiram, GIP…phew! The Girl power of K-Mantra team was most famous in the premises :P Rups and I used to come over to your territory to praise our manager, and how you had a great crush on him :P Haha! On your last day you even told him ‘You are cute’ and his face turned auburn ;) 

K-Mantra Girls



All Smiles with Jugnee and Nadan Madan


BSL Beauties

Friends Forever

Yummilicous girls painting the town red

Sadaf! You have been very emotional too, trusting and relying on people, and ended up being betrayed,back-stabbed in return. Nevertheless, I’d say with each such experience you’ve grown more resilient and stronger. Plus, you found new friends like us with your trusting, caring disposition :) So be your self, keep learning from mistakes to become more evolved. And keep seeking my suggestions too (I know am being cheeky here :P)

Kiddo Sadaf

Sana (L) and Sadaf (R) Awesome sisters...ravishing since childhood days

Posing ;)

Hey There! Don't mess with me


Lovely us :)

Ms. Photographer on an excursion

Killer Looks ;)

Reflections :)

With Junior RK

Fun times...with no VIP treatment for Sadaf :P

Sadaf, you are one go-getter…doing an MBA, then quitting your job to pursue your passion for academics and research…It takes guts man! Salute to you! Your clicks, paintings and poems reflect that dreamer in you. Words are trivial to convey their depth and beauty. Plus! How can I forget you are a die-hard fan of SRK, particularly DDLJ :P I really wish may you meet the ‘man’ aka ‘Raj’ of your dreams pretty soon!

Proud Graduate

Lovely us again :)

Happy Family :)

On top of the world

Sadaf with Sana and Mom

Rashmi ki patli kammar ;)

Sadaf's Farewell at BSL

Open your mouth...Hahahaha
 Wishing you a fantabulous birthday sweetheart! May this day mark the beginning of a new era in your life! A phase full of eternal joy, happiness, health, abundance, creative power, love and blessings starts henceforth. Convey my gratitude to aunty for giving birth to you :) God bless and keep rising, shinning and smiling.

PS- Have fun in Switzerland :P As Rups says do a 'Maine hotho se lagayi toh HUNGAMA ho gya' :P or do a 'badhe badhe desh  mei chotti chotti baatein'


sadaf said...

Thank you so much Monica for such a lovely write up :* :* :*
Indeed our friendship has grown beautiful with time..!!
God bless us all :D

monica said...

Pleasure is all mine :) I am glad you loved this

sobhit said...

lovely sweet post...

Sadaf Khurshid said...

Monica :* :* :*