Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Eight Tag+1

This tag came as a respite from the mundane activities in my life. Rohini at Train of thought has tagged me. She says that my words are sheer poetry. She is always generous in complimenting fellow bloggers and a wonderful human being. Rohini, I think am in the evolution stage and have a long way to go.
Let’s get down with the eight+1 tag thing.
8+1 favorite dishes I love to eat-
I love my share of Pizzas, shakes, breads, fries etc. However, when it comes to favorites, am a pure desi at heart and only the indigenous fare is close to my heart.
1. Kaddi Rice - My all time favorite, am always game for this north Indian preparation.
2. Makki di roti and Sarsoon da saag - The Punjabi blood in my veins never seems to get over the cravings of the all time favorite dish of Punjab.
3. Aloo Puri - Crispy pooris coupled with spicy aloo in gravy…am salivating :P
4. Methi ke Paraanthe - Methi paraanthes topped with melting butter are the best part of winters.
5. Sujji ka Halwa – Am always game for it be it early morning or at the stroke of midnight.
6. Piping hot Gulab jamun
7. Fruit Cream
8. The quintessential khichdi, many people despise it but I am rather fond of it.

9. Custard with fruits and jelly

8+1 things bothering me right now –
1. A dark lesion on my left arm, don’t know the exact cause of it. Perhaps it is due to an insect bite, looks ugly.
2. Incomplete file work and a back log of assignments.
3. I so wish to read a host of magazines and this week’s Lounge, but am unable to prioritize my time accordingly.
4. An unfinished painting staring at me.
5. A couple of books lying on my shelf, I so want to read and immerse myself in those.
6. The fact that I get bored very easily, am I going nuts, am I turning old?
7. Am not at peace with myself, can’t figure out why.
8. Negativity imbibed in certain people, don’t know how to shield myself from their influence.

9.My overactive taste buds :P

8+1 Movies I would never say no to
1. Maine Pyaar Kiya – A classic tale of two lovers and their innocent romance.
2. Pretty Woman - Richard and Julia at their best.
3. Muqaddar ka Sikaadar- An amazing tale of friendship, love and sacrifice.
4. The Notebook
6. All Harry Potter Movies
7. Kareeb
8. Sharaabi(couldn’t miss out this one)

9. Forrest Gump

8+1 things I plan to do in this week –
1. Open my books and start preparing for mid terms.
2. Am looking forward to birthdays of two special friends which happen to fall on the same day.
3. Complete the pending work in practical file, am I not always talking about work, work and work!
4. Paint and hopefully I take out time for that.
5. Look inside and be in touch with the silence within.
6. Detach, detach and detach!
7. Take out Me time
8. Discover a new aspect of…don’t know what! I believe to take things slow; life unfolds its mysteries at its own pace.

9. Looking to forward to a dear friend's birthday.

8 sounds that annoy me –
1. The sounds of steam whistle in a pressure cooker (Rohini, am borrowing this one!)
2. The sound of teeth rubbing against the tip of spoon.
3. Annoying sound of high pitch horns
4. The screeching sound of friction between paper and blackboard made of glass.
5. The sound of alarm when I am in the midst of a dream.
6. Sound of a wailing baby.
7. Sound of screeching brakes.
8. Sound of a wailing puppy and dog in the dark of night.

9. Sound of tile cutting machine.

8+1 reasons I love life right now –
1. Am lucky to be blessed with a set of special friends, friends which are hard to come by. Not many people sustain my tantrums and I am grateful to be in an enlightened company.
2. My family - for bearing with me and lifting up my spirits every now and then.
3. The fact that I am able to appreciate the beauty of creation in this universe, be it the chirping of birds, sun light filtering through clouds and hidden rhythm in the drops of water from a leaky tap.
4. As mentioned in my previous post, when I see people helping others selflessly I can’t help being overwhelmed.
5. The enigmatic factor associated with life. There’s so much to be discovered and so much to be experienced. This is what keeps me going.
6. When I see someone happy and really happy, I get this feeling that life is worth every second.
7. There are so many tastes to be savored and so many attires to be tried; this materialistic aspect is another factor which makes me fall in love with this world.
8.I am pleased to read, listen and appreciate breathtaking works by brilliant artists and creators. There is absolutely no limit to the creative boundaries.

9.My over the top dreams!

8+1 traits I really admire in people –
1. Innovation and creativity
2. Humbleness- This quality is hard to come by in this era.
3. Sense of humor- Making others laugh and lifting up their spirits is the best quality any person can have. I so wish I had this innate talent.
4. The ability to respect and appreciate other’s point of view rather than imposing your opinions.
5. Forgiveness- I so wish I held no grudges and forgave easily.
6. Eloquence- Good oratory skills always leave behind a profound impact.
7. Foresightedness and leadership skills
8. Integrity and sense of character

9. Selflessness-ability to put other's before self.

8+1 things I see myself doing in the next five years
This one is tough, as I lack foresightedness. I don’t really plan and have this tendency to act on impulse.
1. Working my way up the corporate ladder, I want to get a taste of working at a higher post, just once!
2. Or may be living off in a remote place, may be in hills and teaching at a boarding.
3. Working for the betterment of society in my own way.
4. I want to purchase my own car and apartment.
5. Want to go to places like Ireland and Finland.
6. I want to write, write and write and see my name in print.
7. I see myself having a good time with my friends.
8. Being more involved in occult sciences.

9. Purchasing that special Adornment...sigh!

8+1 Bloggers I really admire and tag –
1. Parul at Ramble On
2. Sobhit at Life:The blessed hell ride
3. Sahu at Bugs009
4. Faith at As for Today
6. Jalpari at ~*~ Stories Of My Life ~*~
7. Life in Egypt at Egypt's wildlife
8. Kasabiangirl at Life sure is a snoozefest

9.Courtesy Sobhit this is 8+1 tag now! So here you go again :P
Sobhit at Life:The blessed hell ride


sobhit said...

had fun reading it but dunno how am gona cmplete dis.....

Rohini Prasanth said...

I enjoyed it as thoroughly as I enjoyed writing my own. I am so glad you did it.

Hmm.. lot of things stand out in your post.

I like the dishes you listed - except suji halwa. Never had the chance to eat Makki di roti and aloo poori. I know.. hard to beleive right :D. I enjoy fruit cream too..esp with fresh fruits. yummy

hmm.. I haven't sketched in a long time.. and my whole sketch book is staring at me real accusingly.Now..even I want to go sketch something.

There was a time when I was real mad about Big B movies :D I still love his old ones. Entertainment at its best :)

Good luck! I didnt know you wanted to see our name in print, but it seems completely normal for a person of your calibre. I am sure it will happen soon. Do let us know when it does, 'cos I want to get an autographed book :D from you.

You write straight from the heart. When I figure out how to give awards, that one goes to you.

Rohini Prasanth said...

PS - I quite forgot. Thank you for those lovely words about me. That means a lot coming from you :)

Anonymous said...

Nicely done tag...liked reading the reasons you have mentioned for loving your life right now.

I'm sure you'll get to see your name in print soon..All you need to do is write :)

Thank you for tagging me

Parul said...

Enjoyed reading the tag, you'have listed the things out nicely.
Thanx for the tag, will complete it as soon as possible ;)

Angelina said...

As always, I love reading your blog. It is pure unadulterated honesty, which gives the reader a wonderful portrait of you.

Keep writing...

Angelina said...

P.S. I don't believe I could do "the eight tag" thing as well as you have. : )

Rohini Prasanth said...

There is a little something for you in my blog. :) please take a look.

I hope you like it.

Happybirdie said...

nice tag dear!!!keep up d gud wrk.
take care