Sunday, September 27, 2009

Web of life

Ughh…my head feels so heavy. As I gain awareness of my sense of being, an impounding pain up above perturbs me. My eyelids feel heavier, burdened by that something. With sluggish steps I walk over to Chintamani’s dhabba and ask for my regular cuppa. I rake in the aroma and warmth of steamy kadak chai. The warmth of vapors pacifies that pain and invigorates my senses. First sip feels magical and does wonders to my aging body. I feel like an old fort, a fort whose beauty has been augmented by morning rays of sun. I savor the warmth and sweetness of my beverage. A gratifying sensation cloaks me, I feel perky and equipped to take on the world.

The city is gradually stirring to life out of deep slumber; a new day and new beginnings. My day starts with a renewed hope. A desire, to be noticed from my shadowy existence and a hunger for my passion’s acknowledgment. Yes, I do yearn for those generous smiles which exude compassion and life. I pine for a loving and respectful gesture. They really make my day’s worth and a day worth dying for. For, I believe that each one of us dies at the end of the day and starts life afresh. All these thoughts electrify me and I discern an unusual spring in my steps as I walk over to a desolate corner in inner circle of a heritage market. With a prayer on lips I unlock my treasure trove. Hundreds of Yoyos greet me with zeal. I pick up my toy and run my fingers through its circumference. Yoyos have been a passion of mine since last 20 years. Now, I have devoted my remaining life to this atypical passion.

Office goers dressed in crisp formals tote the giant white washed corridors. Judging by their walk, I can easily tell the instability and anxiety in their lives. Thank God! I don’t have such life. I start playing with my toy with that perpetual hope in my being. One by one they sway past me, hardly noticing my frame and some of them give me that dirt on the door looks. When you reach my age, you get used to all such treatments. Hours fly by and its noon. More and more lovey-dovey couples and youngsters could be seen now. Few casually look by and then turn away. An indifferent look is eminent in their eyes. Eyes, yes, eyes are the ‘windows to one’s soul’. With years of experience, a minute’s look later, I can easily tell what goes through in your mind. Nowadays I don’t see that fire and strength of character in today’s youth. Majority of them easily get carried away by the illusions and fall prey to materialistic tunes of worldly music. The simple things like- rising sun, cloud patterns, sound of rain, twinkling of stars and luminance of moon doesn’t amuse them. If kids today are like these, I am glad I don’t have any. The energy of the place sparks up with setting sun. Sensing music in the air, I too pace up my yoyo tricks and stunts. Ahaan, this time I did the stunt in a neat manner. Practice does yield fruits. I glance around for a hint of approval. All are just walking past. Some are busy chitchatting, either on phone or with their companions and some with themselves. Some are walking alone, lost in their past or future without sparing a moment to relish their present.

A group of youngsters is strolling. A girl from that group glimpsed at me. Our eyes lock for a second. She saw what I did with my yoyo and gave that smile of appreciation. I nod in return as she walks past me. This is it! I am euphoric. I cannot control that grin on my countenance. Moments later I start packing my belongings with a contended feeling. A tap on my shoulder distracts me. It is Jhinsi.
"You’re done for the day it seems! And nothing sold today as well. Why don’t you try a traffic signal for a change"

"For God’s sake, l don’t want any suggestion of yours. I am not here to make money"

"OK I don’t want to listen to that shit of yours again. Here’s your elixir. See you tomorrow"

The crowd is subdued. The hustle-bustle has faded with light. The illuminated high rises shinning in the backdrop of velvety and starry sky catch my sight. The man in that building can never realize the worth of rustic pleasures endowed upon us by nature. The crescent moon is beaming enigmatically. I exhale the smoke wistfully. I am feeling lighter. Want to soar high up and touch the stars. Am drowsy, my shutters feel heavy. I am fading away like smoke in a breeze…away, away and gone.

PS- My second attempt at fiction.I want a frank feedback from you people.


Rohini Prasanth said...

it is fabulous... I am left with this wonderful feeling in my heart.. i want to be in the shoes of your character proudly flaunting my skill and going home content that I made a difference in atleast one person's life.. how pure!

A small smile from a complete stranger makes me feel so good. It is unfortunate that nowadays everybody is suspicious of everybody else..

Lovely web of life monica.. where can I find your first story?

Angelina said...

Monica this is lovely. The character is totally believable and easily endured. To feel isolation while among people and then to raise above it, is a triumph.

monica said...

Rohini: I'm glad you understood the depth of emotions surging through the main character.
A smile from a stranger takes me by surprise but we take it suspiciously.There's goes the irony!

My first story was frivolous attempt at writing.Follow this link
Let me know your reaction :P

Angelina:I am so happy! The way you have put down the essence of the story in one line "To feel isolation while among people and then to raise above it, is a triumph" is just too Good!

Parul said...

A great attempt at fiction, the portrayal of the character is very beautiful! It shows how even the simplest of gestures can raise your spirit.

sobhit said...

hmmm... frank feed back.. wll remmber u gv me d link of goddess of bloggin.. d unpublishd author.. i read her post n ws like ...ok dis is 2 hi fi stuff 4 me.. i rathr stick 2 readin funny not so hifi blogs.. so felt d same readin dis 1 f urs... 2nd attmp.. hmm 1st fiction work i guess ws vry similiar 2u.. dis 1 2 smhw relates 2 how i want life 2b.. serene n peaceful ... irrespectv of wot ppl arnd think n how dey behve... getin 2d content f d post.. interesting wid d lady n her yoyos.. hw d diff age groups react 2d situation n u sure put it all
2gther well... not jst sayin it,, but u said u wantd 2c ur name in prints ..well pretty sure u will soon .. so dats d honest frank opinion...

monica said...

Sobhit: I don't think this is hi-fi stuff! is it that tough to comprehend? If people can't really make out the essence behind it all...i see lots of scope for improvement in clarity of thought and expression there.
As for seeing my name in print...well that thing is again open to the way you look at it.Authoring a book, getting famous,freelancing or perhaps being at the wrong side of law and getting published!

sobhit said...

c dats y i say u wuc b in print soon... n 4 how u gona gt dat... talkin off ur blog am sayin of authorin sm work f literature n not bein on wrong side f law.. as 4 hifi... :P wen i read posts.. i prefer readin stuff dat had d fun content in dem.. as in humour in daily lives dat v put up here... on how things hapn arnd us.. lyk it raw.. posting a very well composed post.. hmm well u read my post n u wil knw wen i say raw n well compsed.. dats wot i meant 2 say.. so lets tk it dis way.. hifi or not.. am not a serious reader perhaps... as 4 getin essence of it.. again lyk u said each 1 can picture as per der thots.. so wot u try n portray isnt wot all wil get.. only d few will d same compatiblty of writings n literatre can.. n u talk f imprvmnt.. well dey say der is alwaz scope 4 it...evn d best keep on improving... so who r v..

Rohini Prasanth said...

I saw your first story monica.. posted a comment there too.. :) looking forward to reading more of these.