Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue moon night

He woke up with a renewed vigor that morning. After all, that was the last morning of 2009. The New Year virus had infected him as well. Initially, he was cynical about all this hoopla until the previous night. A phone call changed it all. His best friend had somehow convinced him to turn up at an upscale and supposedly “the most happening place to be at on New Year’s Eve”. “But you despised parties” claimed a voice inside him. He gazed at his mirror reflection. “Let me test the waters and take a dip just this once! After all I am just 25”. “You are gonna regret this man”. “What will I wear? A Stubble or a neat look? Stubble should go well with my look". He perceived an unusual spring in his steps that day. Change is always refreshing and there’s no harm in giving it a chance just one last time. Hours ticked away and it was twilight. “You look dashing!” he smiled at himself. “This night shall rein in a new change”.

He could sense the revelry in the twilight wind. The sky had a purplish enigmatic tinge. The silhouette of eucalyptus against the purplish sky waved at him. The evening was unusually chilly. It was a blue moon night. "A blue moon is a full moon that is not timed to the regular monthly pattern" said the news paper. That big off-white sphere up above gazed at him. He saw a "Mona Lisa " smile on its patchy texture. Alone in the infinity, serene and radiating with full fervor. All he wanted to do was stand there and look at the magical sky. It aroused tender emotions in him. He felt connected, connected with the higher forces that govern the universe. Enchanting! Tears rimmed up his eyes. Noisy music interrupted him. “Ahh! Yes it’s the party tonight and I am invited, better get going”.

It was exceptionally dark in the club. Candles in exotic colorful stands lent the place a hippie ambiance. All he could see were silhouettes swaying to trance music. As his eyes adapted to the darkness, he saw his friend seated on a couch with others. He went up there. There were introductions and conversations started. Exotic cuisines were supplemented with all kinds of drinks.Name it and it was there. Hours passed by.He felt out of place, something was amiss. “Your Attention Deficit Disorder is playing with your nerves, get a life!” He walked up to an isolated and exceptionally dark corner. He saw a couple making out there. They were so into each other that they didn’t care for his presence. He moved away so as to give them “space”. Sigh…”How I wish my girl was with me tonight, we would have had welcomed the 2010 morning together”. He felt an irresistible urge to smoke. He moved out of the premises for a quick smoke.

A group of guys were arguing with bouncers so as to let them in. He saw two girls kissing each other. “No Big Deal!” he thought to himself. Minutes later, he felt his worked up nerves alleviate. “Perhaps, I am a misfit in this puzzle” he told himself. He sat on the pavement. The parking space was fully occupied yet drivers of luxury sedans were honking mindlessly as if that would create a new space for their vehicle out of nowhere. A group of laborers were laughing heartily as they walked past him. Gorgeous ladies dressed in short dresses and long heels were walking into the club. “It’s a December night, don’t they feel cold or what!” He glanced at his Rolex Chronograph and it read 11:25.

“I don’t want to go inside and neither do I want to be stranded on a lone footpath”. On an impulse, he stood up and started walking. The owner of a burger kiosk was winding up for the day. Two men were warming hands on a bonfire of fallen leaves. He saw a tea stall ahead. The cardamom aroma roused him and he sat himself on the sole wooden plank. The radio was playing Shammi Kapoor’s “Yeh Chand sa roshan chehra, zulfon ka rang sunhera …” Two men were playing a game of chess and talking animatedly. “Some Game” he muttered to himself. A young 7-8 year old boy brought his cup. He took in the cardamom aroma and cupped his hands around the warm glass. Hooting sounds could be heard in the distance. He presumed that the countdown had begun. “10, 9, 8, 7….3, 2, 1” “Nayya saal badhai ho bauji” exclaimed the chai vaala. He greeted the chess players as well. He paid a generous tip to the young boy and walked back to the parking lot. The moon was radiating in the black blue sky. He sat on his car’s bonnet and gazed at the 'blue moon'.

A collage of my birthday presents :)


Angelina said...

Have a very Happy New Year, all the best for 2010.

Keep writing...

sobhit said...

u were gud,, seems wid evry post u getin bttr... d way u shw d imp f lesser things in life is commandble... wen d whole world goes bizzare plannin n ending at such hyped up parties... d mere essence of new yr mite b lost in all f it.. but d way a chai wala wud say naya saal mubarak.... it can gv u a heavy heart.. readin it made me alil :P... all in all nice fiction .. am wonderin hw tof is it goin 2b commntin on ur posts in tym 2 come 4 evry tym writin a gr8 post tks away meanin f it ,, but d fact remains dat dey r gr8.. so probably work on d HTML n add a like button 2 ur blog.. wud b easier 2 chk dat aftr readin d post... :D

sobhit said...

n as 4 writing my version of nostalgia... :P:P myt sound funny n starnge but have had thot f penning dwn d 3 yrs sm 6 7 months back.. but probably now is still not d rite tym 4 me 2 gt dwn writin dat... wen i feel i will... n den all can read my version 2 ... tho d standards set by u2 i cant match... but guess my version wud b d way i c it :P :P

sobhit said...

n new picture 4d blog in new yr... d apple looks gud.... refreshin n live

monica said...

Comments from well wishers like you egg me on to write! They are the fuel that fires the words and imagination.
So that's the reason am not adding a like button. Cause reading personalized comments are any day worth more than seeing the "I liked it" numbers.
These comments supplement my blog and i eagerly wait for them :P
I am glad you got the essence behind the story.

Now, when i look back and analyze all the fiction stories i wrote, i see a repetitive pattern. Want to break out of that.I hope i get to write more of such stuff in years to come.

Toothfairy said...

happy belated bday? and ofcourse
happy new year!


~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

Happy belated birthday and A very happy new year!

I love all your write ups. I am sorry I don't get a chance to comment much but I do read em all.


Makk said...

Have a smiling year ahead.

Blue Moon ahaan!

Nice one!

Parul said...

Firstly, love the apple on adorning the header of your page. :)
Next as usual a nice read! Makes one think how irrelevant can this excessive show of materialistic things be. You are getting better day by day :)