Friday, December 11, 2009

Shivery Snooze

I have a confession to make. I didn't really expect anyone to read my last post. I just wrote it for the sake of it. Moreover, i feel that writing in a way unburdens my soul. Alas, a friend and a guest read it. And i am somewhat embarrassed.Fingers crossed this time!

GOD! Last night was worse than the previous one! I am still shaken to the core. Strange and weird i must say.

I was not feeling good. I had this uneasy and breathlessness feeling. Was it due to excessive carbohydrates in dinner? Or perhaps a psychological issue? Moreover,i caught up with "A Haunting" on Discovery before hitting the sack. Signed in to Gtalk to clarify an issue and went to bed. In the middle of night i regained my consciousness from beta state. I was shivering intensely in my blanket. I was perplexed. Why was this happening? I don't feel that cold usually.The intensity increased as i became more aware of it. My body started aching due to tremors. My mind was like "You are gonna die".

I instructed my mind to tame those tremors. I started counting 10. Scary thoughts like " You are possessed "
"You have H1N1" , "You have lost your sanity " plagued my mind. I tried my best to concentrate on counts.
After an hour's struggle, my body relaxed. All this while I was consoling myself "Everything will be alright".
I drifted into beta state only to be woken up with a new sensation. I was sweating and was exceptionally warm."You are ill megha, mentally and physically".

Woke up at six in the morning. Tex-ted a good luck message to my friends and snuggled up in my cozy blanket again. To my surprise, i was feeling quite normal. There were no traces of previous night's illness.


So here i am trying to join the dots. Was it an over dose of carbohydrates or "A Haunting ".

   My amateur attempt at capturing the essence of night


Makk said...

I guess you need not to be embarrassed ..because you are human and its all human thing.

though i credit you to face it and admit what you are feeling. People are not that brave even.

Keep smiling.

Parul said...

Oh! So that's why you were up so early that day.. Dint realize then that such could be the case. But nothing to be embarrassed about, it all happens. Could have been bcoz you woke up all of a sudden ;) so i guess all's well!