Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dreams and beyond

Last night too I had this recurring dream of falling teeth accompanied by bleeding gums and intense pain. Ghastly isn’t it! I woke up with a gloomy sentiment today. I remember reading somewhere that dreams communicate and we have to decipher their meaning. May be I need to visit a dentist or is it something deeper? I Googled ‘recurring dream of falling teeth’ and the results confirmed my intuition.There are several interpretations to it. I choose one that holds good for me.

I am nursing a bruised self esteem. Why am I not strong enough to defend her and allow a third party to batter her? Poor baby, every now and then she’s beaten black-and-blue. It’s following a recursive pattern for long. Someone says things and that very night I have this terrible dream. Sigh…I wonder if I am the only one around who’s getting these ghastly visions. I have seen discussions in forums but to this date I have never ever come across a person with a similar problem in real life.

I want her to stand out and be greener than ever even among the withered plants

She’ll be hale and hearty in a day or two but this is not the long term solution. For how long will this persist? I had a discussion with an acquaintance and he said that I am over-analyzing things. We introverts tend to think too much about what we say or hear. He’s right but dreams never lie. Merely trimming down the weeds is not a solution. They should be pulled out along with their roots. I need to nurture her in a different manner. She should be strong and resilient. And how is that to be done?

At times she tells me to run away and start afresh at a distant place. I have had a tough time in clarifying to her that this is not the way out. But she’s a stubborn baby. So, I simply stop paying heed to her tantrums. And when she sees that Mamma is upset, she gives up and complies with Mamma.

However, I am concerned about her future. Why should I allow a third party to fool her or should I say “Ch#### bana jaaye” to be more precise. I don’t want this to happen again every now and then. This is something I need to work on. I plea to the higher forces to guide me in this operation.

Flourish like this plant in the garden of intellect


Makk said...

If its not fiction(which I believe its not)..then you don't need to worry. You just need to consult.

It doesn't mean that you are sick or some thing. Its like some times some is not in order and you are not able to find the method to rearrange.

Get it Fixed.

keep smiling.

and if its a fiction...then its nice!(?)

Keep Smiling....:)

monica said...

No Makk it's not fiction or sure.
Am hoping that all will get fixed soon :)

Makk said...

I am a counselor my self. You can hire me for the same if you wish to.

Parul said...

I guess we'v had a chat regarding this dream of yours. I myself had asked for its interpretation. While someone said that it signifies onset of some dental problems, or that you'v broken a promise

whereas Bing says:

"Dreams involving falling teeth are extremely common and are most often regarded by psychologists as signs that the dreamer is worried (consciously or sub-consciously)"

Either ways you will be able to interpret it better, as in what is that is worrying you. Rest i think its all in the mind. Keep the worries(if any) aside and chill.. :)